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Besides reading T-Nation religiously; what else do you all read?

I read FitnessRX and Men's Fitness, and I had a free two year Maxim sub. too...

FitnessRX is really a good mag, it comes out bi-monthly and everything there is scientifically backed up...but it does have its 'fluff' ads, but what mag. doesn't?


Maxim. Rolling Stone. Harpers. GQ.

Aside from that just books...I used to be a big fan of Muscle Mags until I realized they just republish the same old rehashed crap and that they sucked.



My favourite is Mens Health. I have worked out that if I think that a diet or training program here on T-Nation seems a bit on the hard side I can modify it by the ideas in Mens Health to make it suitable for a pussy like me.


Tons of car mags and of course, Playboy.


Fortune, Money, National Real Estate Investor, CFO, SI, ESPN


Playboy is the only print magazine I read on a regular basis. For some reason, it began coming to my mom's house in May of 1997 after I had her order a Pamela Anderson video for me (I was 17 at the time) and it has come ever since. She swears she never paid for it and it never showed up on any of her credit cards. She passed in August of last year but I had her address changed to my current address, and it still comes every month. Free.


The Economist, Consumer Reports and I get a weekly FHM email newsletter (awesome stuff on there) and a handful of trade rags (boring shit). Reading the Economist cover to cover takes enough of my time that I rarely have time for any other reading.



ESPN the mag





That's about it...


Men's Health

Best Life

Electronic Gaming Monthly

And the horrible, unreadable ESPN the Magazine (didn't want it but can't not take it when signing up for ESPN FFL). I use it to start my fire place.


I get more than I can keep up with:

Sports Illustrated
Popular Science
National Geographic
Motor Trend

I really need to get back to reading books... college just really turned me off from them


that's the coolest thing I've ever heard. Nothing in the world is better than free porn.