Guys guess what I found in my local bookstore today… In the b-building section there it was - New issue #5 of Testosterone magazine!

Then where the heck’s mine? :slight_smile:

I just got mine in the mail!

I too was wondering through the magazine rack at a Hasting book store and discovered T-mag staring back at me. (It was in the hotrod section; don’t ask me why.) I bought it, rushed home and was met at the door by my wife holding the copy that had just arrived in the mail.

TESTOSTERONE at Hasting’s huh? Please let this be a nation-wide phenomenon!

I hear Barnes and Noble carries the mag as well.

I don’t know this for sure, but now that many GNCs are carrying Biotest, they may be getting some mags too. Not sure though, just guessing.

Dammit, Shugart, I live in TX, too. Where the heck is mine? Looks like I’m going to have to come find you.

Well, I did get mine by Fed-Ex since I’m on staff, so I probably got it a few days before subscribers will get theirs.

it’s at Tops also (western NY grocery store)

I live in Canada, I guess I’ll be getting mine in March.

I wish I had read the training forum before I posted my other message on the off topic one. Guess what it was about…“Where’s my fucking Magazine???” Guess Shurbert answered that. Thanks Chris. :slight_smile:


I saw copies of T-mag at the shoppette here in Ft.Hood, TX.

Picked up a copy today! Awesome!!! Great new columns by Berardi, Shugs, TC et al. Berardi provides a cool chart for every seed oil you can think of and gives all the omega 3 and 6 info for each. Very handy.

dude, i live in canada too…vancouver…i saw it on the racks at the UBC (university of BC) bookstore last week…

Picked up #5 at Hastings last night. Demo Dick is a happy man!

I was surprised when the other day,I popped into BookStop near my uni,there was T-mag!!

Anyone know whereor seen the magazine for sale
in ant Toronto area book shops health food store etc?

I found mine at Chapters.

Chris, shouldn’t we as subscribers, get the issure first, before the newstands?

HercUnchained- Yes, you should. Not sure what happened there, not my area. But I did hear that there were some problems with the first batch of printed mags. The quality wasn’t ideal. That could have been the batch that was supposed to be sent to subscribers. Since I’m guessing that batch had to be redone, the mags sent to the bookstores got there first. I’m told subscribers should be getting theirs soon, next week probably, depending on where you live.