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I have started training again after a few months lay off.
I am reaching the stage I was at last year in terms of the amount of weight I’m lifting.
My aim is mainly making gains in size.
I’ve bought a bottle of mag10 and will be starting it in the next 2 weeks.
Should I be doing more sets with the same weight I’m using for the first week then dramatically increase the weight in week 2, or should I increase the weights I’m using in weeks 1 and then increase the sets in week 2 or should I simply increase weight and sets for each excercise in both weeks? - I’d like to hear how those of you who tried mag10 changed your training to make progress.

read the mag10 plan for success. i think it includes the 3 part growth surge series of articles. follow that and love that. click on the special editions link at the side and check it out. best of luck.

As a rule, I train by feel. After 13 yrs of training you get to know your body well. Most of the time i take my sets to failure-no forced reps. While on Mag10 I my sets stayed the same, but I used more compound exercises and also used force reps on the last set of each compound exercise. My focus on the working muscle increased while having that “jacked up” feeling. I did get stronger on all compound movements, along w/ about 12lbs. in 2wks. I used 2 doses a day.

One more thing, if you change too much in your normal training, it will be harder to see where all your gains came from. Make sure you are getting lots of cals. read mag10 plan-for-success.

Check out ‘Two plus Two’ in this weeks online mag.
good luck.