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Hey, I recently started to take Prednisol (a mild anti-inflamatory steroid) for an allergic reaction I had to something (niether myself nor the doctor know what it it’s from)…anywayz…it just so happened that I had finished my MAG10 the day I started taking it, so I didn’t have to worry about cutting that out, but I haven’t been taking the Tribex and M because I’m on this medication, and I will be for about another week or so. Just wondering if I can take the Bex and M with it, and if it will effect me positively or negatively, or if I should just wait until I’m off the medication. But I dont want to “lose” the effects of the complete MAG, Tribex, and M cycle, if that can happen by not taking them together. Advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks again guys.

i hope one of the pros answers you, but i’d say go ahead and start the bex and m. that’s a good cycle and i wouldn’t want to miss a week in between, but that’s just me.
from what little i know about steroids and doctors, that prednisol is nothing strong at all. it should not effect or be effected by the bex or m.


Mike-I just completed three weeks of prednisone (60mg/day) which is quite high. I posted on the steroid board and got some good responses. I wouldn’t take tribex or M while on this drug because I think they will negate the effects. The prednisone makes you retain water and accumulates fat around your midsection and face. It is kind of an anti-bodybuilding drug. It is effective at reducing inflamation. The bad side effects will go away about 2-3 weeks after you stop taking it. I came off a mag-10 cycle, started the prednisone and am now on a cutting phase to lose the fat I put on. Strength and lbm stayed the same for me. My opinion taking the three together will negate the effect of all 3. Might want to check with a doc with a sports medicine background.

This isn’t really related to your question, but did you know that prednisone preferentially catabolizes fast-twitch fibers? This might be something to take into consideration when designing your training program.

Sorry Hedo, can’t agree. The bad effects of the Prednisone we are talking about is PRECISELY why the Tribex and M SHOULD be taken as per usual, even whilst on the pred, to complete the Mag10 cycle. As mentioned, the prednisone is bad with regard to BB. It can cause fat repositioning, water retention, and muscle loss. The tribex and M, by stimulating Testosterone production, will help negate these effects to an extent. That is why you should take them. By the way, there should be no worrying interactions here between these substances. Best of luck, SRS

bump on SRS’s post above. Add in Tribex and M when taking prednisone. You need to balance out the catabolic effects of it. If you go to www.stoparthritis.org you’ll see a clinic that prescribes prednisone for arthritis, and (unconventionally) adds test and estradiol into the mix to help balance everything out. I wish more doctors were less afraid of anabolics for use in disease treatment.

Guys- that is an interesting point of view. My reasoning was that the prednisone is used to reduce inflamation and that the effects of tribex and M may negate that outcome. I personally erred on the side of caution and didn’t supplement while on prednisone. Your right I couldn’t find a doc who would even give me an answer regarding the anabolics question. If I have to take that stuff again I’ll supplement and see how it works.