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How bigg results can I realy expect to see after 3 MAG10 sycles if i follow the MAG10,plan for succese??

Search the forum.

Oh, you’ll be HUGE, man! Soooo huge you won’t believe it! So frickin’ enormous that your spelling might even improve!

Okay, in case you haven’t noticed, this is a dumb question, poorly phrased and poorly written. Next time, try putting a little more thought and effort into your post.

And do a search.

After searching the forum, learn to spell too. That’s one of the wonderful thing about computers compared to typewriters, MUCH easier to correct spelling errors.

I’m about half way through the second two week cycle of MAG-10 and it does seem to be working. I am getting bigger for sure and funny thing is my lady says even my balls are getting bigger, hay no joke, and she wasn’t joking either. I think its a bit like everything else in this hobby we have. If you work hard and eat well you grow and MAG-10 can help you get bigger faster. BUT, and that was a big but, Mag-10 will not do the work for you. Bust your balls when its time recover when its time for that and eat, eat, eat, you will see results. I picked up 2.5 kgs in 5 weeks and very little of that is fat. So I’m pretty happy.