Been working out a long time but never took any type of drug. For one thing my wife would’ve killed me if the drugs didn’t. Anyway, I always understood that when on steroids, you could go on a bulk diet and not worry about gaining fat. In fact you would cut up at the same time you would be gaining muscle. From the things I’ve been reading about Mag10, it’s suppose to be one step away from a steroid and yet people are talking about gaining fat at the same time. Why would that be?

You heard wrong, bud. You CAN gain fat when on “real” steroids. But because of a variety of factors (read the last paper issue of T-mag if you want to learn them- Berardi column) you can eat more when “on”. The same is true for MAG-10, which is a steroid, just a legal one. (Read the “Pro-steroid Roundtable” article online if you want to learn about that.) You can’t go hog wild on ice cream every day but you can eat more without it going to fat, so to speak.