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I’m just out of the Army and going through the ROTC program to go back in as an officer. I was an airborne ranger, so my workouts were quite intense at times, so I am not a beginner. I want to try using Mag10, but am worried that I might come up hot on a piss test for the military. They look for steroid use, but I’m not sure that elivated testosterone levels from Mag10 will trigger this. Please advise.

Wouldn’t risk it if I were you. But if you want to be sure, I’m positive that the information about what specific substances they’re testing for is in the public domain. You could find out, then compare them to the ingredients in MAG-10.

Hey man I work with a guy in the gaurd who I believe takes the same piss tests as you. He got one after his last day of mag-10 which was the first day of tribex and M. Needless to say he would have been as hot as you can be on any legal supplement. He did not get anything said to him at all. Just my opinion but I would feel alot better about the armed forces if they were allowed to take things like mag 10 that give them added muscle and CNS effects.