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MAg10 while sick

Last night my wife and I just started vomitting. We were up all night and I can’t even take water in right now. My question is regarding mag10 while in this state. Obviously if I can’t keep water down I’ll just end up throwing up mag10 as well. But after my stomach settles down I will still probably take then weekend off of weight training. I am 3/4 done with a mag10 cycle. Should I continue to take it to prevent muscle loss if my absence from training is extended? I apologize if this was covered already but I guess I didn’t put the right word combination together in the search engine. Any comments or personal experiences would be appreciated.

I can’t help but think that if both you and your wife suddenly started vomiting at the same time that it probably isn’t a flu. While I’m no expert in this area, the only time this has happened to me is when my girlfriend and I went out to dinner somewhere. We weren’t tossing our cookies, but we both felt pretty ill immediately after.

If this is the case, you might not have to take time off training as the cause may not be involved with your immune system. Hmmm…I think I’ve stepped out of my area of exepertise with this last statement, but you get the idea.

That’s hard to say, it’s just a really unfortunate situation.

I’d say defenitely wait until you KNOW you can keep it down before taking any mag10, but try to begin taking it again soon, also try to recoup the diet soon too, keep lots of water and vitamin c and stick w stuff you know you can keep down.

The 4ad/a1 is still active in your system for a couple of days, so don’t worry too much about missing a day just try to get back on soon when you know you can keep it down.

Additionally, since you’re almost finished with the cycle keep your post cycle in check as well, diet, recovery supps, etc. hopfeully this stomach bug will clear out soon.

Good luck.

Thanks guys. Yeah it really sucks, we’re talking projectile vomit here! And I have no desire to eat anything. I got some pepto bismol which helped the stomach a lot and some 7up. No idea why, but my parents always got it for me when I was a kid with an upset stomach and it helped. I gotta get some calories in so all my gains from the last couple of weeks don’t disappear. I’ve put about 40 lbs. on my bench press and just as much on my deadlift this cycle.