Mag10: What's up?

Okay, I’ll bite. In the “Dominant, Agressive… Something Bad…” article in this week’s webzine, what’s the deal with all the talk about partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, a new version of Mag10 etc etc. Come on, throw the forum a bone. We won’t tell!

Like a wrote in the other threads, I can’t say much right now, just what I wrote in the article: in spite of the impending ban, Bill and Tim have really improved MAG-10 and the new version will be out soon!

Details coming next week! (Probably.)

So, I hope, along with more information about the new “version” of Mag-10, you will give any updated information about the shelf life?

If we’re going to be stocking up, I want to know how long I can plan for. What’s the best plan of attack for keeping the most of it around for as long as possible?

Will the new Mag 10 be less expensive?

Oh Joy. Not only was I wanting to buy Mag-10, but now I HAVE to.

I’m just scared as to how high the “new&improved” will be priced. With this instant high demand that T-Mag has created, this stuff will STILL fly off the shelves even if it’s priced way above the old formula…

eyuzwa starting to calculate how much MAG-10 can be purchased by liquidating his assets

Ahh yes. The little totalitarian minions in Washington. Ban this! Ban that! Only take what WE say you can into your own body.

To give you an idea of the complete idocy of Washington consider this:

Awhile ago I was delving into research on synthetic gasoline. Reason being I have an interest in World War II and possible alternate histories related to it (my interest within this pertains to a problem solving interest not sympathy with the nazi ideology whatsoever).

During my research I discovered that growing industrial hemp could be used as biomass to create synthetic gasoline. Check out this site:

Now what does this have to do with Mag-10 or other drugs? Well mainly the insanity of banning a substance that could be exceedingly beneficial to this country and even the world for that matter. It was officially banned in 1938 just as it was becoming into major consideration.

Another good source in the site:

(note the fact that even industrial hemp is banned despite it being “non-smokable”)

This post probably belongs in another area but what I’m getting at is the matriarchal view the government has taken upon its citizens and this involves our sports supplements and even steroids.

Frankly I think I’m adult enough to make my own decisions on what I injest. I’m sure many here would agree.

Spanky - I’ll ask Bill Roberts about the shelf life issue.

eyuzwa - Not sure about price yet, but I’ll talk to Tim. I’m sure that will be announced next week along with the details about the improvements.

Right now I don’t know whether it will cost more, less, or the same. I can tell you that a whole lot of R&D went into this. Biotest is not just buying bulk ingredients and sticking them into a bottle. Most of this stuff is beyond the cutting edge (Bill Roberts’ words) and no one outside of the pharmaceutical industry is doing it.

Two quick examples of the extent Tim goes to make the best supplements: 1) Biotest built Bill Roberts an entire R&D lab for the MAG-10 project! 2) When one of the universities involved in the blood testing didn’t have the right sophisticated machine, T-mag/Biotest donated the money to them so they could buy it. It wasn’t cheap.

A quick mini-rant about pricing: Biotest does not gouge people on price. On some of their products, the ingredients are of such high quality that the profit margin is almost non-existent - even though the price is “high”. (Example: Grow! proteins.) If a supplement from Biotest costs a lot, it’s because it was very expensive to make and it’s the best thing on the market in its class.

Example: Can you buy a cheaper Tribulus product? Yes, but Tribex has been shown to be more than twice as potent as the #2 tribulus product. So if you want to save a few bucks, fine, but you cut your results by more than half.

Sure, it would great if we could all buy MAG-10 for $10. It would also be great if we could buy a Lexus for the price of a Kia, but that’s not possible. Lexus’ quality would suffer, then the company would go out of business. Same with Biotest. I truly believe they make the best stuff on the market. The price reflects it and that’s fair.

Shug, I’m not even suggesting that BioTest is trying to (or even guilty of) price gouge.

I have been a BIG fan of BioTest products since they’ve first come on the scene and have pretty much only exclusively supported it. I only shake my head when my friend buys GNC brand protein exclaiming that the labels are just the same as Grow! so what’s the difference…

It IS a shame when the avenue another company takes to combat your product involves INCREASING government regulation. I won’t go off on a seperate rant, but suffice it to say, I doubt anyone, including the Surgeon General, has any CLUE about what solid nutrition really is besides “steroids are bad” or “too much protein hurts kidneys”.

Maybe Governor Schwarzenneggar could work behind the scenes to stop these bill cold.

Anyways, I’ll I was suggesting Shug, is that due to the governing laws of the market, there won’t be an unlimited supply of the new formula but therre WILL be a high demand for it. Price goes up. As you said, your equipment, R&D, etc is very costly, and you need to recoup your losses somewhere right?


No worries, eyuzwa. My rant wasn’t aimed at you. It’s a very fair question.

I was aiming that rant at those who e-mailed me asking how much Biotest was going to “stick it to them” for the improved version.

Spanky - Bill got back to me with the shelf life info.

The new version will have an even longer shelf life than the first - about two years without refrigeration, even longer with.

Bill’s not sure about freezing it yet. It could extend the shelf life to decades but he wants to run some tests first.

So, it sounds like this stuff will be very “stock-able”.

I’m still confused, has a bill actually gone through to ban prohormones??

If so how does this effect people in other countries? I live in the UK

Does Biotest have a date to offically STOP all production of MAG-10??

Too many if’s and but’s floating around here, whats are the facts??


In another thread you said things weren’t looking great in Washington, is there any chance you can expand upon that statement?

I know that the USFA is pretty much operating behind closed doors, but many of us would really like to know anything that you could tell us; even if it’s bad news.

See my article in T-mag called “The End of Dietary Supplements”, issue #258.

I’m not sure what the latest news is, but many in the industry think pro-steroids are going bye-bye for sure. Lots of info here too:

Yeah I read that article. I was just assuming that something happened recently that caused you to make that one comment.

Without being a prosteroid do you really beleive the new Mag 10 will bejust as powerful a product?

I hate these bastards that try and save people from themselves but they conveniently forget cigarettes and alcohol. I have two words for these big imposing so-called moralist crusaders, FUCK OFF. Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do, I’m getting veins in my forehead so I’m gonna stop there, deep breaths.

If you want to check the bill(s) status you can go to:

Put in a search for “steroid precursors”. From there Sen. Durbin’s bill comes up along with some others that I don’t think are related. I think this is the bill that Shug is referring to in his article. Durbin’s bill was sent to committee and read twice but that was the last action on it. That was March 26, 2003. Now I’m not saying Shug is crying wolf. This bill or another like it, Sen. Biden of Delaware may have one in the works, still could come to the floor or worse get attached to another bill as an amendment. It could be a bill totally unrelated like anti-terrorism legislation or something else that is sure to pass. Hope this helps, stay vigilant T-men and T-vixens!

DGSkalsky - You misunderstand. The new version of MAG-10 will still contain a pro-steroid. It still has 4-AD-EC and A1-E in it, just like the current MAG-10. It’s just improved upon is a couple of different and very cool ways.

Now, that may change depending on what happens in Washington, but right now it’s all legal and this new version will kick major ass… until they pry it from our cold dead fingers… or something like that.

utgreg - I wish I were crying wolf, but the best case scenarios I’ve heard from the insiders is that there may be a compromise and only “some” things will be yanked. Believe me, I hope I’m wrong. But right now there are a lot of politicians trying to secure the bragging rights for banning pro-steroids and the like.

The usage recomendations aren’t going to change are they, as it is still 4ad and a1e? I know current bottling recomends two weeks max at full dosage, however I beleive many of us typically like to use it longer, and this week’s article was another example. Any affect on the length of safe cycling with the improvements being made?

Shugs –

Thanks for the update. Whenever information comes out about the possibility of freezing it to keep it even longer, that would be great. Actually, when the release of it is done, it would be great if you guys could devote some space in the article to “at-home-stocking”. Freezing, defrosting, refrigerating, etc …

Looking forward to trying the new one out.