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Mag10/Tribex/M Update

Hello there Gang. Here is another update almost 3 weeks into the cycle. THere are a few more questions here, so excuse the long Post.

Now just starting 2nd week of Tribex/M (after 2 weeks Mag 10) and results are good. Abs are really starting to show, and my chest and shoulders are defiantlly looking there best. All excersise weights have increased by about 12Kg. Weight is fluctuating almost daily between 173.6lb to 177.8lb (i think this is mainly water difference) I have kept my food intake the same on and off the Mag 10.
Meal 1: 350cal/50g Protien/10g Carb/5g Fat.
Meal 2: 300cal/20g Protien/40g Carb/4g Fat.
Meal 3: 500cal/25g Protien/40g Carb/17g Fat
Meal 4: 300cal/25g Protien/40g Carb/5g Fat (Pre Workout)
Meal 5: 300cal/50g Protien/10g Carb/5g Fat (Post Workout)
Meal 6: 800cal/60g protien/50g Carb/20g Fat

This is general, i may eat slightly more on training days and on Mag 10 days.

Does this look ok? I am trying to Bulk up fast, and keep BF low (between 9% and 11% at the mo). Height 6ft 2"

Biceps are looking great, and when i flex them, it almost looks as though i have muscle upon muscle at the peak, it`s cool. T-shirts are getting tighter and getting a lot of compliments.

Anyway. Though i would share the update with you. I`ll post again after my next 2 weeks on Mag 10.

Cheers, Paul Govier

P.S. How do i format my posts so they dont just appear as 1 big block of text like this one will?