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Mag10 to Canada...Will it get there?

Just wondering if any of you guys from Canada have received your orders of Mag10 recently? I plan to order, but am unsure if it’s going to get red tagged at the border :frowning:

I live in Canada. Ordered Mag 10 about 2 weeks ago. No sign of it yet. Hoping it will show. Ya throws yer dice and ya takes yer chances.

Where in Canada are you? I’ve heard its more difficult in the prarie provinces to get products across the border. I’m in Quebec and have got Mag-10 twice and 4-AD-EC once with no problem, every time recieved them within 4 days of ordering.

Depends on where you live - check the search engine - this has be covered several times before.

I received a rather big order a month ago. In it was a custom notice about how some of the products were controlled substances but that they assumed it was for personal use and they let it through. I’m in Quebec also for what it’s worth.

Yeah, I’m from Montr?al-Qu?bec and I think the current offer for Mag10/Myostat is just too good to pass up. It sucks for the guys in the prairies, but if most of you from aroud here say that things usualy go well, then I guess I`ll go for it! Wish me luck…

Just throwing in my 2 bits here. I had ordered it a while ago online through a different site because I was getting some additional supps from them. The guy from this particular place said he had shipped to a friend in Calgary a few times and that he received it no problem (I’m in B.C.). Mine took a long time and never showed. Now beleive it or not, I walk into my office one day and there’s a person there who flashes a badge (RCMP) and wants to “talk to me about the order of steroids I tried to illegaly import”. Now you know and I know that I could argue all sorts of things about this, but she wasn’t there to debate and I didn’t want to push it. It turned out to be a harmless slap on the wrist but I just can’t believe that the RCMP doesn’t have better things to do. I put this in a previous post almost a year ago when someone asked the same question. I see people posting all of the time about receiving it in Canada but I guess I was just unlucky. I ended up not getting anything from that order, she said it was going to be destroyed. I was out at least $500 with all of the stuff I was purchasing.

So I guess - buyer beware. I am always tempted to order again, directly from Biotest, but once bitten…


I live near Hamilton On and have had mixed results. I started by ordering 1 bottle each from netrition and vitaplus online. Netrition got through but the other was seized. I think it had to do with the border crossing. Netrition is based out of Albany, NY whereas vitaplus is promenant along the west coast. The seized bottle crossed in Vancouver. I went ahead and ordered 3 more bottles from netrition. i honestly thought after not receiving them for 3 weeks that I was finished but I walked into my room one day and there they were. Customs had opened the box and left a message that it improperly described its contents. Lucky. i did about 200 handstand pushups. I still get exited thinking about it.If your near a border make a run yourself. This stuff is too expensive to be fooling arond with.

Maybe a friend in the US would order it for you (your $$) and send it to you as a Christmas package. The cops are more likely to recognize commercial packages than personal packages.

Where are you in BC? I live in Vancouver. If you REALLY want to get it across: order it to the post office in Point Roberts (US side). Get a friend to drive you across the border and drop you off. Let him drive back by himself. You can just walk up the beach and cross the border; they even have a set of stairs down to the beach that lets you go around the 12 ft high, razor-wire fence. There is a raquetball/sqaush club on the Canadian side. Have a beer while he drives back around. I did it with 25 pairs of football cleats from Eastbay in a hockey bag one time so a bunch of us wouldn’t have to pay duty.

Sweet! I live in Burnaby and have been thinking about the mag 10 too. Where do you work out? I’m a trainer at Denman Fitness in the west end, but workout at BCIT her in Burnaby. Glad to hear from another BC lifter!

Thanks for the replies. I’m not ready to go that far yet! … I wonder what happens if the Mag-10 gets seized at the border? Will they return it to Biotest or simply destroy it? :frowning:

From what I gather, if it is U.S. customs that seizes it, they will return it to Biotest and Biotest told me if that happens they will credit my purchase back to my credit card but I am on the hook for the shipping charges. If it is Canada Customs, i think they would just keep it and or destroy it. Mainly just guessing here.

Canada Customs DESTROYS everything

Thanks for the idea, clanman. I had actually thought about that connection (I grew up near there). I may go that route or try to order it from a different company. Somebody posted that their order from Vitaplus got nailed, and that is who I used. Perhaps directly from Biotest is the best way, if I take the chance again. Or perhaps the 3 of us can figure out something with your idea or similar. hmmmmm… BTW - I’m guessing from your posting name that you played 'ball for SFU?

I just ordered 3 bottles of the original T2 which is illegal everywhere from netrition and it got through in about 16 days. they are quite good at disguising the package- used an inconspicuous return label and declared contents as vitamin E… i would be confident ordering from them again but no more than 3 bottles… never been to point roberts but it sounds like a foolproof idea. any good biotest selling health stores near there- bellingham maybe?

For pro-steroids, Canada Customs suck! I just saw the deal on the 14 bottles of Methoxy and altough it’s not as impressive with results as Mag-10, I think I’m gonna try that instead, since it passes right trough at the boarder! :slight_smile:

Pete - Pt.Bob is actually a little peninsula, with one tiny crossing in and out. You would have to take a boat to Bellingham/Blaine. It’s really quite an odd piece of land. I think I may try your netrition idea first, if the price is right. Or directly from biotest. It seems to be a slap on the wrist for most if customs searches the product when you order by mail but probably a whole lot worse if you try to walk a box back on your own outside of the border - that’s a little too blatent for me.

Yeah, I played for the clan. I’m still living in Burnaby. I’m came back to finish up my BSc. at SFU after I got cut from the Sask. Roughrider’s this year. I just workout at the 'Bog" gym up athe the univerity. Tons of room and lifting platforms with Olympic weights to do Renegade style training.

And while I’m at it . . . I’m doing my BSc. at SFU - doing a Kinesiology major, and also completing my Certificate in Human Nutrition. Was originally planning to write my CSCS is Oregon in February, but think I’m going to wait to do it in the summer when they offer it here. I’m also looking at getting into the strength and conditioning field after I graduate this summer, and am looking at making as many connections in the strength and conditioning community out here while I complete my education. I’ve just completed my second work term at Human Performance (Burnaby 8-Rinks), and also work for another company that one of the trainers down there owns that trains CFL, university and high school football players (and also the Vancouver Ravens). You might be hearing from me come summer when I’m looking for a job. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. svass