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Mag10 Results

I am on week 3 of a 4 week cycle with mag 10, I am eating 3000 calories a day, protein and carbs. My strength is definitely better, I went up 30-35 pounds on the bench, but I think I only put on maybe 4-5 pounds. I can’t hold down more than 3000 calories a day, my shit is like water from all the damn mass shakes and egg beaters. What are some other good sources of protein that don’t require any prep, so I can just grab and go.

Tuna, ham slices, turkey slices, cottage cheese, bars…etc.

Make sure you are getting enough carbs. The carbs should provide you with enough fiber. If you get enough fiber then you shouldn’t shit water. I mean good carbs like rice, oatmeal, and fruits. Beef Jerkey, premade protein shakes, and protein bars (some types at least) are all good on the go.

Carbs get a bad rap around here sometimes, but if you really want to pack on the mass with Mag-10 you definitely need them. As for 3000 calories per day, I don’t think that’s enough. My third and final Mag-10 cycle will end this Sunday, and I will have gained almost 40 pounds (169 to about 207).

I only ate 4 times per day, but 3 of my meals were shakes consisting of about 1500 calories each (700 from carbs) and one regular meal of my choice at dinner.

Here’s my shake recipe. 10 ounces water, 1 can chocolate Slim Fast, 4 scoops of vanilla protein powder (80 grams worth) and 700 calories worth of Twin Lab Gainers Fuel (strawberry flavor). Unlike most shakes, this one tastes DE-LISH-US and is thin enough in its consistency to go down smooth. Try it!

I don’t think you’re consuming enough calories. Tuna is a great protein source and pasta is very carb and calorie dense with low fat, which is perfect for a Mag-10 cycle.

Mike, Can you give me a good recipe to use with Cytogainer or EAS Mass rather than slimfast to get that many calories? They are each 500 to 600 calories and have 70 to 85 g carbs and 35 to 45 g protein, plus they have creatine and glutamine. What should I add to these shakes to get up to 1200 - 1500 calories?

Well no wonder your shit is like water with mass gain shakes and egg beaters. I can’t tolerate that stuff either - it is very hard on your digestive system. Try regular meal replacements not weight gainers and add peanut butter or flax seed to bump up calories. 2 TB peanut butter, 2 tb flax, 2 tb MCT oil equals over 600 calories and it’s not filling. That is one way I have bumped up calories in the past. If you have too, use fruit juices with some of your meals to get in some extra calories.
I read somewhere on T-mag, that it is proven that some people have smaller stomachs than others. For me, I find it extremely difficult to eat enough calories - feel consistantly bloated, upset stomach, etc. and try to find ways to get around eating tons of solid food which make you feel full.

Slim Fast- a poor qualtiy soy product made for women. Where you been, bro? There’s an article at T-mag called “Shake It Up” with some weight gainer recipes using man food. Start there.

hey, how long did it take before your strength went up on bench? i’m on day 5 of my mag10 cycle and still haven’t really seen any strength gains on any of my lifts. as for shakes, try a couple of scoops of protein, a cup of yougurt, lots of fruit, and some ice in the blender. that seems to work pretty well. also like others mentioned, pasta with chicken is good. search for “recipes for success” and that should give you some ideas. the bodybuilders chili is awesome and the beans will give you fiber. there’s also always cottage cheese and oatmeal. that is a pretty good combo of carbs and protein.


I use the slim fast for the vitamin content and the good flavor AND it’s economical. My slim fast concoctions cost a lot less to make than other shake recipes. When you drink three of them per day like I do, cost is definitely a factor.

12 weeks and 40 pounds later, there’s no question in my mind that it works for me.

I work out M W F and each day before I work out I was trying my 1 rep max on bench. Each workout day I was able to lift 5 to 10 more lbs. I started at 150 on the bench, I am now able to lift 195, couldn’t get 200 yet.

Just FYI, your body can only get about 50% of the protien out of the egg beaters if you drink them raw so don’t make them an essential part of your program, not to mention they are nasty as hell if you drink them (believe me…I know.). Skim Milk is good, cottage cheese, chicken, tuna, MRP’s.

I hate to preach, but you started steroids before you could bench your bodyweight? Woah.

those are great gains, but answer me this. why didn’t you get a little more training and nutrition info under your belt before trying mag10? i’m sure you would have seen great progress if you had just worked out hard and ate right for a couple more years or so before trying mag10. you should have at least gotten your diet on track beforehand. if you had a little more knowledge and did a little more planning i don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t have gained 15-20 pounds instead of 4-5. i don’t know how much you weigh, but i’d say you need to at least be in the 4000 range for calories.