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Mag10 Rage

I’m almost done with my first week of Mag10, the stuff is incredible and has worked wonders thus far, but the rage is unbelievable. Anyway, I went to the store to buy a gallon of skim milk. When I was walking out of the store, I was about to cross the street to my truck, when two high school punks in a red GMC slowed down as to let me go, then when I started to cross they sped up and cut right in front of me. They were both looking at me laughing and I got f’n furious. I turned and threw the gallon of milk at their truck, the gallon missed the truck, but nailed the ground right where they turned, so it splashed all up on the side and (hopefully) into the driver side window. They kept a going, and good thing too, I didn’t cool down till about an hour later. On second thought, I can’t blame it all on the Mag10…

tho I have limited experience in this subject matter, it appears to me that mag10 and other products that increase testosterone also increase your emotions… if you feel good you’ll feel great, when something ticks you off its a big freakin deal tho usually very brief. Keep it together bro… those cows didn’t go thru those suckion cup dealies for you to waste milk like that.

MAG-10 doesn’t work by increasing T-levels (or at least not much) as Bill Roberts has explained. To the original poster, I think you would have been pissed anyway, with or without MAG-10. Never noticed any such effect myself, although a past tren cycle made me edgy. No rage, just easily annoyed. I think roid rage is mostly psychological.

Haven’t tried Mag 10 yet, it’s in the mail right now. The first couple of days I was on Androsol I was pretty edgy, but no rages. My friends said they didn’t notice anything after a couple of days, and my obnoxious roommate moved out which definitely relieved the tension.

Noticed a shorter temper on the following: Tren, Androsol (alone or combined) and of course HALO (big shock). But we need to emphasize shorter temper as Tren/Halo, even Androsol (4-AD) are andrenic enough to cause this kind of CNS stimulation.

It wasn’t the Mag-10, you had a legitimate reason to be pissed, i would have thrown the milk , if not more.

hahaha…that was a good story.

Definatly was NOT the Mag-10. I or anyone I know has experienced ANY TYPE OF RAGE

Man, that would’ve been rad dude.

Thats cool you threw the milk, dang punks!!

Your really cool man!

TEK come T levels… Halos dont increase “t levels” yet make guys pissed off like no other

Beautiful. Little fuckers deserve to be shot for fooling around with a motor vehicle. Funny story though. :slight_smile:

i just finished my two week cycle and i haven’t noticed any rage at all…how ever my training partner said that he noticed anger days, but he is just an angry kind of guy… good for you…punks!! no respect!!!