Mag10 question..

Havent used Mag10 yet and wondering…What kind of results to expect from it? Objective is to gain weight for VERY lean teen…currently taking in 6500 cal/day, 300+ P/day, clean diet, complex carbs…supplements are: p powders, multiple vitamins, Liver pills (18/day), myostat, creatine. Eating 6times/day. Body is VERY lean, hard muscled. Not sure of F%. 6’5", 167Lbs. Workout on mass program, but have twodays/week of high intensity agility and speed work. Been told to cycle Mag10 at 10day splits…continual Myostat. correct? inexperienced and not sure what to believe or what advice to follow…THANKS!@!!!

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Results? About 10 lbs. gained during a two week cycle is average.

A) You said “teen” as in “teenager” if you’re younger than 18 I’d really consider not doing a mag10 cycle, even if your under 21.

B) If you’re really knowledgable about your training and diet then by all means go ahead if you wish, try 1.5 doses per day for 2 weeks.

C) Make sure to pick up some tribex, M or other to help you come off the cycle and lock in your gains.


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