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Mag10, M, and Methoxy

I am a long time T-mag reader (about 4 years) who has never used Biotest products before. I am 42 years old and have been resistance training for about 30 years. I started lifting for swimming (low weight, high rep) when I was about twelve and continued until I graduated college (I was a decent swimmer, good enough to make Olympic trials but never good enough to make the games). After college, I became a lot more serious about martial arts training and this led me towards high intensity, lower rep power lifting. I have tried just about every supplement imaginable over the last dozen years or so and gotten almost no results from anything (creatine and glutamine being the exceptions). I have never juiced although most of my workout partners have and most people assume I juice when they look at me because I am pretty big.

Anyway, I ordered a bunch of Biotest products a few weeks ago (I thought if nothing else it was a sort of thank you to T-mag for having such a good magazine online for free for so long). All I can say is: YOUR SUPPLEMENTS ARE THE BEST EVER CREATED! I started off doing a twelve day cycle of Mag10 using a little more than two doses a day (I tried for 2/day but must have been over pouring the stuff because I went through two bottles in twelve days.) I increased my calories and protein as recomended but didn’t eat clean at all (lots of ice cream is the rule for me during holiday season). My weight went from 220 lbs. to 232 lbs. with about ten pounds of that being rock solid muscle! This might not sound like a lot to the younger guys but is nothing short of a miracle to me. In fact, I put on about as much muscle in twelve days as I have in two years (although I still get stronger, I haven’t seen any rapid muscle gains in the last ten years).

Bill, this is an amazing product you have developed! At my age “massive eating” type plans generally just put fat on my frame. My gains were so dramatic and so quick that my friends who regularly juice (2 or 3 cycles a year) are going to try it as a replcement for their usual “stack”. I did get some side effects, the worst one being acne. This is no big deal for a kid but as a 42 years old Venture Capitalist acne sucks! It’s no fun popping zits before meetings, lectures, etc. However, I didn’t lose any more hair and I am prone to baldness (I use both Propecia and Minoxidal). Here’s the amazing thing: after finishing the two bottles of Mag10, I started taking M and your “new” Methoxy 7 and I am continuing to put on muscle! AMAZING! At first I thought it was just residual Mag10 in the system but I am now convinced that it is the Methoxy (aided by the M). I put on almost three more pounds last week and my calories are back down to just a little above maintenance! I think I’m also losing fat!

My question is: based on your experience (and I know it’s limited because the new Methoxy hasn’t been out that long) will I continue to make gains like this? The idea of a consistent pound a week or even half pound a week of muscle is incredible! Are you (Bill or anyone else) comfortable that Methoxy is safe and doesn’t have to be cycled too much (more on than off)? I expected to loose some of the Mag10 muscle I gained (my friends who juice usually loose about half their gains when they come off) but the Methoxy + M has exceeded all expectations. Does everyone experinece these kinds of results? On the over all I give Mag 10 a B+ (it would be an A+ except for the acne) and Methoxy 7 a B if gains level off (it’s still a great product even if gains stop) and an A if I will continue to make gains (for me, Methoxy 7 has absolutly NO side effects!). I’ll put this in context by saying that I wouldn’t rate ANY other legal supplements above a C (for creatine and glutamine). Anyway, I’ll probably wait until summer before doing more Mag10 (although I will definitely try it at least once more) but I will be ordering more M and Methoxy 7 as soon as my supply runs out!

Thanks Biotest, you’ve made this middle aged powerhouse (just under 500 lbs. bench after Mag 10 and still growing) a very happy man!

Blackjack, glad to hear about your great results!

I do think the new Methoxy-7 is a genuinely
good product but I wouldn’t count on further rapid gains from it given your recent very substantial gains – which makes further gains harder.

At the recommended dosing there’s no problem
in using on an ongoing basis. However, just as a matter of principle, I’d take time off periodically. (And if MAG-10 is being used further, I wouldn’t use Methoxy-7 at the same time simply because the added benefit in that situation would probably be small if any.)