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Mag10 Cycles


How long can you continue Mag10/Tribex-M cycles (2weeks/2weeks) I?ve just spent 12 weeks cycling back and forth. I?ve been off for almost 2 weeks now. Also should
I keep taking M while off the cycles. My goal is Fat loss and strength gains, with Fat loss being the most important.

My diet for the first 8 weeks consisted of 4 meals of Whey protein (80 gms) and 1 tbsp of Flax and 1 meal of 80 grams of protein and veggies (Real Food). I?m 5?7?. I was 204 with 21% body fat I?m now 193 with 12.5% body fat. The last 4 weeks of the cycles I added 100gms of carbs and reduced the Fat. I also lost some of the control on the diet along with the beginning of the holidays during the last 4 weeks of the cycles. For the last 2 weeks I?ve eaten a lot of trail mix, some ice cream and bread. I?m ready to shift back to better dieting. Also I?ve been on Hot-Rox the whole time. It does make me cramp up at 4 per day after 2 weeks and I have to back down to 2 a day for a week.

My training consisted of walking on the beach 4 mornings (45-60 min). Christian's OVT 4 days a week and some Muay Thai Training 1-2 nights a week.

I want my body fat down to mid single digets (7-8%). I?m thinking I want to start again on a cycle of mag10/tribex ? M along with the dieting.
Any suggestions


after a 12 week on and off cycle, you should do Tribex and M for 4 weeks before cycling back on Mag-10.So continue the Tribex & M for 2 more weeks




Hey, there, Ochoco. What are your before and after numbers; i.e., weight and BF%? What kind of results have you seen thus far?

There may be some opportunities in the diet area. Four meals is not optimal for preservation of LBM. And 80g is more than the body can assimilate in one meal.

Take the Tribex & M as Tony recommended. And if you want to optimize things for the next go'round, get me the numbers I asked for.