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Mag10 Cycle


I recently completed a 3 week cycle of mag-10 using maximum dosage and was able to dump on a good 15 lbs of lean mass. I was planning on foing 4 weeks but something bad was starting to happen. When I was a very young boy, I had really bad allergies, really bad asthma, and was sick probably 70 days out of a year. After I started lifting at about 15 yrs, eating more and taking creatine, my asthma magically dissapeared, my immune system became super strong (I havn’t gotten sick in years), and my allergies are pitifully weak. Toward the end of my 2nd week, I noticed some alarming side effects, namely, asthmatic symptoms. It was becoming increasingly difficult to breath, and by the end of the 3rd weak, I was constantly gasping for air. I could hardly sleep! Needless to say, I absoultely had to drop week 4 otherwise I would have probably fell over dead from suffocation. Even now, 2 weeks later I find my breathing quite a bit more difficult than it used to be. Does anyone have any idea what’s happening to me? I also find that reps ~10 with sets > 5 causes me to vomit on big compound exercises everytime. Therefore I’ve grown to hate high rep programs. Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated. Oh and also, my body loves csp-3. 5 pounds of LBM a month is what I’m experiencing.