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I’ve been readinging this board for awhile now and have seen many discussions based on why mag10 is better than androsol. My question is, they both operate differently in the body? yes? Why have I not heard about anyone stacking these guys?

You don’t stack the two, because androsol and MAG-10 have overlapping ingredients. Androsol is 4-AD whereas MAG-10 is 4-AD-EC and A1E. Applying androsol while taking MAG-10 would do little to increase blood 4-AD concentrations beyond what MAG-10 already supplies, so it would most likely be a waste of money. They are both potent anabolic, but MAG-10 has added a second component (A1E) which works at the androgen receptor and works well synergistically with 4-AD. Bottomline - use one or the other but not both at the same time.

You should realize that the active ingredient in androsol is 4AD which is also one of the 2 ingredients in Mag-10. Why would you want to stack two products with the same ingredient? (you’d be stacking 4AD with 4AD) Mag-10 also contains A1E and uses a superior delivery system and as such is a more potent product with all the advantages of androsol and more.

Hey guys thanks for the response! Is there anything worthwhile to stack with mag10? Seems not… How about Norandrosol?

Yeah, Winstrol.

Jesus fucking christ, its people like you that make stuff like this get taken off the market. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH GAINING 10+ LBS. IN 2 WEEKS??? YOU ARE STUPID!

Some people will have better results with Mag-10 taking two doses per day, rather than one. However, since Mag-10 costs 7.07 per dose, perhaps it makes sense to look at alternatives to the second dose. For these people, maybe Androsol 12 hours following the Mag-10 dose may be a good option. I also wonder if an Androdiol (4-androstendiol) sublingual cyclodextrin complex may stack well with the Mag-10 dose. Since Androdiol SCC is about .30 per dose, it may be a good way to bump up the 4-andro daily intake to an effective amount. Then, you’d have an extra bottle of Mag-10 for the next cycle. What does everyone else think?