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Just wanted to know a little more about the Mag10 bit. Purchased one bottle (sounds like I need 2), have a bottle of Nandrosol and one of Androsol. Was going to order some Tribex, but wanted to ask how I should cycle what I have. Any problem with doing the M10 along with Androsol 2x per day for two weeks, then do the Tribex for the next two? Maybe I should only do M10 and Androsol 1x if using both. Sorry if this has already been answered, I may have missed it. Thanks for any info.

Either use androsol or MAG-10, not both. Androsol is 4-AD and MAG-10 contains 4-AD-EC stacked with A1E. Basically androsol is 1/2 the ingredients that MAG-10 is. Use one or the other for 2 weeks and then use Tribex for 2 weeks (add M if you can). Repeat until your happy or until 3 cycles have been done, then take some time off.