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Mag10/androsol Cycling theories

Though I’m not a mad scientest, like Bill, I want to get your guys’ opinions on a cycle theory i have.

2 weeks mag10,
2 weeks M, tribex,
2 weeks androspray,
2 weeks M, tribex,

Now clearly this would work, and yes why not try it. But I want to ask about receptors and so forth(Non-scientest here trying to use big words). Anyway, I was thinking that if you break it up like this our bodies receptors would have a longer time period to recover and clean out while another substance is being used instead.


hmm you say that youre not a crazy scientist but yet you call yourself “madman” youre obviously crazy and or insane.

What exactly are you breaking up? Yes, that cycle would work, but it has been discussed in depth before. You use a potent anabolic like MAG-10 or androsol for 2 weeks and then use an endogenous testosterone booster like tribex and an anti-estrogen like M to help recover normal hormone production and a normal environment. BTW, androsol is 4-AD and MAG-10 is 4-AD-EC and A1E. It is not like androsol is a totally different compound than MAG-10, just that MAG-10 adds another ingredient that makes it much more potent.

If by “androspray” you mean Androsol, there would be no alternation going on, as both Androsol and MAG-10 use the same 4-AD (MAG-10’s is optimized as an oral and offers superior delivery, but the compound itself is the same in both products). Beyond that, the idea with cycling is to allow your body to regather its own hormonal levels, not really to give the receptors a break. (If I’m remembering a Bill Roberts post correctly, that whole “clean out the receptors” angle makes for good marketing and lousy science.) So the only benefit to what you’re suggesting is that Androsol would be cheaper than MAG-10. But if you’re after the best possible gains on a two on / two off / repeat scenario, there’s really no point in using anything except MAG-10 with the supplements you mentioned in between.