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mag10 and tribex500

Hi i have been using the tribex for 5months and it is amazing i was just wondering about stacking mag10 and tribex500 i am very much into cutting but donot want to gain much weight as i have gone from 297 to 236 in 5months do you’s think this would be a good stack for me and also well this affect my sexual performance .

Dave, Biotest does not recommend stacking the two (see the article “Mag 10 Plan For Success”). I think I recall one of the staff commenting (in a forum string) to the effect that they didn’t think one would see any benefit from using them together since the Mag-10 is already elevating T levels beyond what Tribex would. The Mag-10 Plan for Success indicates that one should cycle onto Tribex (and “M”) for the two weeks following a 2 week cycle of Mag 10 which allows one’s endocrine system to recover with greater speed/efficiency. Your sexual peformance may well increase when you cycle onto Mag 10. I’m 8 days into my cycle and mine certainly has. I have noticed that my testes are a bit softer than normal and maybe slightly smaller; as such, I’m kinda anxious to see how I feel when I cycle onto Tribex after having been on Mag 10 and the physiological changes that ensue.