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Mag10 and NCAA/HSAA

I am a HS wrestling coach and am currently taking mag10 and seeing awesome results. Some of my HS seniors are interested in taking Mag10 as well, but I’m not sure if it will effect their NCAA drug tests. I know all the substances in Mag10 are currently legal, but will the increase in blood serum test levels give a positive reading with a steriod test? Let me know what you know.

Currently both the substances used in mag-10 will get you a year vacation if not more from any NCAA sport, the reason beng that instead of testing for either of the substances they test for the estrogen to test ratio and if you’re “on” YOU WILL CRUSH the given ratio. My suggestion would be to give them ome good training/diet info to adhere to whie they’re in college (trust me college trainers belog in the short bus when it comes to diet and overtraining) and perhaps suggest Methoxy7 which is does not disturb hormonal levels while being anabolic (plus it’ll help catabolism while they starve themselves to make wieght)

How long does it take for that ratio to return to normal (or acceptable range)? Can they take it in the non-competitive phase of lifting?

Test to estrogen huh thats new to me. The NCAA tests for testosterone to Epitestotsterone. I think Bill Roberts mentioned that 4ad only took test levels to normal high range. A1E isn’t on the Banned list yet. Maybe Bill can chime in here.

Free testosterone remains basically unchanged
with MAG-10 use – apparently, the amount
produced from conversion of 4-AD matches
the decrease in natural production of T due
to inhibition. However, probably the amount
of epitestosterone decreases greatly, since
4-AD isn’t converted to epitestosterone, so a ratio test would be failed while on MAG-10. As I guess I’d think one would do fine on the ratio test within a week of discontinuing use.

Hey Coach! High schoolers are generally too young to be on this type of supplementation. You should study the impact of any supplement, legal or not, on someone who’s growth plates have likely not yet closed yet.

You do realize that I’m speaking of graduating seniors that are 18 to 19 years old and not 14year old frosh right? Some of my wrestlers that are looking to wrestle DI would like to increase muscle mass (More than what has come already with our new trainging program) Thanks for the insight into coaching ethics though

i thought boys didnt stop growing til there 21 ?

Coach, growth plates on average do not close until age 22 to as late as 26. Some, however, can close in a male’s mid teens. I was not in any way, shape or form questioning your ethics. Just passing on a bit of info that I thought you may have overlooked. Good luck with your team. It’s a great sport.

What kind of high school coach would even consider putting his players on steroids? You ought to hide your head in shame Need2bbigger. Its people like you that give amateur sports a bad name. If you tried to get my brother to take steroids, I would bust your ass then sue you for everything you got. You are not fit to be a teacher to the youth of this country.

why would a wrestler wanna gain mass unless there a heavey weight ? gaining mass wont matter if they starve them selfs becuz that mucle will go away

Last time I checked, MAG10 was legal and touted as a safe alternative to steroids. Next, good wrestlers, coaches, and teams do not starve themselves to make weight. Rather, they find a healthy competitive bodyweight and maintain that weight. In wrestling, lighter is not always better; that is an old-school mentality. My original question was a simple one, and I appreciate all those that answered it, if anyone does take exception to my question they should just keep scrolling and not threaten from behind the saftey of a keyboard.

Um, coach, MAG-10 is not an alternative to steroids, it is a steroid (two, actually), albeit a legal one. That is the ethical dilemma that some people are seeing here. While it may be legal for 18 and 19 year olds to use MAG-10, it is ethically questionable whether or not their coach should be encouraging them to use it or providing it to them. Indeed is has oft been repeated on this board that athletes of 18 or 19 years of age should generally not start experimenting with androgens of any kind, for a number of reasons (failure to learn proper nutrition/training habits WITHOUT chemical assistance, epiphyseal plate closing, suppression of the natural T that is already coursing through their bodies, etc.).

Let me give you a couple of scenarios. First, what happens when word of your supplement plan leaks to parents? You’ve seen the furor that arises when young athletes use ephedra (even safely and correctly!), right? What do you suppose will happen when parents find out that you’ve been advocating that your athletes use a “pro-steroid”? It really doesn’t matter that this batch of seniors is off to college. Word travels fast, and I’m assuming that you’ll be coaching next year’s team too. I see a school board meeting in your future…

Second, when your athletes show dramatic physical progress, and they inevitable will, there are bound to be whispers that “somebody” has got them on “real” gear. In that case, you’re going to have to ‘fess up, at which point, if they didn’t already know what was going on (doubtful), your younger athletes are going to clamor to get their hands on some of the good stuff so as to duplicate the gains of their older peers. You think you can stop them? Be my guest.

In closing, I have a couple of questions for you. Are your athletes keeping detailed food logs with overall calories, macronutrient breakdowns, and meal times for every single day? Have they been doing this for at least four years? If not, then they have more work to do before they reach for the magic bottle. My advice? Have your graduating seniors incorporate Berardi’s Massive Eating principles, Surge, good old fashioned creatine powder, and detailed food logs. After a few years of this, MAG-10 will be an excellent choice for them. But something tells me that you’re going to do what you want anyway.

Hey the coach asked a simple question, and where the hell is this “Mag-10 is a steroid” talk coming from? It’s NOT a steroid, it’s a prohormone or pro-steroid (as Biotest likes to call it).

Q: Is MAG-10, chemically, an anabolic steroid?

need2bbigger, what a name for a “coach”!! you are an idiot!!! you are a wanna be who never was. you have NO info or knowledge. STOP being around KIDS (thats right, KIDS). “their 18 blah blah blah…” shut up you friggin idiot. whats the use…

I do not believe there is a formal chemical definition of the term “anabolic steroid.”

4-AD-EC and A1-E are by chemical definition androstane derivatives. They are also certainly steroids (so is cholesterol for that matter, or DHEA, or hydrocortisone, or protodioscin, guggelsterone, etc.)

Perhaps there is a pharmacology reference that has their own definition for “anabolic steroid,” e.g., a steroid which promotes the growth of muscle tissue. Even here the question would be, under what circumstances? Is resistance exercise part of the protocol, and the question is whether growth is faster with the steroid than without? Or is the condition “normal living” without resistance training and with no change in diet? More likely the latter would be preferred as the standard. Is MAG-10 anabolic without training and without change in diet? I don’t know.

This is one of the reasons I prefer to use the term androgen: the meaning is more clear.

First of all thanks to Jcbart for realizing I asked a simple straight forward question. Secondly, thanks to all those that have given actual advice. Lastly, to all that would have me drug out and flogged publicly, I have been advocating healthy weight management for years, and I was hoping that I could get some info on Mag10 to pass on to some of my wrestlers that are already on REAL steriods and are not capable of stacking and cycling them safely. I was hoping mag10 was a safe alternative. I however did not feel the need to justify myself or my question to the majority of you idiots.
Thanks alot.

" I however did not feel the need to justify myself or my question to the majority of you idiots" lets get this right, you did not feel the need but you still tried to, FUNNY!!! IF ( and this is a big IF, cause I don’t think you do) you “coach” kids you should have more knowledge then you do. but I think you are a sad wanna be “coach” that knows zip!!!