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Mag10 and Acne.

I was thinking of starting Mag10 cycle but I am concerned about acne problems.I am prone to acne and I would really like to avoid it if possible.What do you guys think?1-AD didn’t give me zits, would that be the same with Mag10? Also,is Clomid necesary with Mag10 or Tribex will do the job?

It doesn’t seem to be much of an issue, and if it occurs, oddly enough, is most likely post cycle rather than during.

Skin care products including salicylic acid are generally effective.

Actually, I’ve broken out like a MUTHA on my cheeks and I haven’t had acne since I was 16 (13 years ago). I’m naturally very low testosterone, so I’m attributing it to the increase in T. Any ideas, Bill?

I can only suggest using things like the
salicylic acid cleansing pads for the face,
and using a spray on the body (which can
most economically be done by putting something
like Noxzema Astringent with salicylic acid
into a suitable spray bottle, e.g. an empty
Androsol bottle.)

Most don’t have that effect prominently during
the cycle and often not at all… sorry to
hear that it came out worse for you. You’re
probably right… being naturally low testosterone would reasonably make it more
of a change for your skin to experience high androgen than the average.

No acne probs here, and I had it bad as a teen.

Oh, I couldn’t care less about the acne. Fudge it - it’s just an indication that mag-10 is working as far as I’m concerned. What’s a few more bumps on my ugly face? :). This is my first time “on” anything, and like I said my T levels are so low it’s not surprising I’m going through a “second puberty”. My girlfriend is also having to walk bowlegged I’m so horny. :slight_smile:

Thanks Bill :slight_smile:

If you do get some zits, try this:
For the body, use a good scrub with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in it, just don’t scrub very hard (good one to try is Lemon Scrub , you can get it at Rite Aide, CVS, and many other drug stores, comes in a tube). Also, ZIRH has some of the best stuff for your skin that money can buy (zirh.com). If nothing else, go see your Dermatologist, there are a few newer products on the market that really work. Just remember NEVER scrub too hard on the face, body, etc., it will only make things worse by stimulating your sebacious glands to secrete more oil thus potentialy causing clogged pores. Hope this helps a little.

this is what happened to me, I have acne tho I’m 23, I attribute this to my mutant genes and late bloomerisms (tho its a good thing since I’m a tall motha, hey you gotta look at the bright side) while most kids get acne at 13 I got em at 19. Anywho its dying down now, I started my first mag10 cycle a few months ago and didn’t have an increase in acne untill the end of the cycle (I used 1 dose a day without frontloading). Then while on a cutting diet I front loaded mag10 (2 doses in 1 day) and got 3 blood acne that same day (I call em this cuz there big and red bastiges on my forehead) anywho they went away about 3 days later and have been reletivly clear since then. So in me anyway mag10 causes acne, but hell… it will go away muscle stays forever (till something eats you anyway).