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Mag10....6 weeks...30lbs later....

I’ll make this story short. My girlfriend dumped me for another guy, it really pissed me off, one of her reasons was he was more “attractive” (i think hes one ugly motherfucker, but to each his own). So I thought and said, “well yeah I have been slipping a little bit, I need to get my ass back into the gym, hardcore” That motivated more than anything else in my life has, so i picked up 4 bottles of mag 10 and worked out my diet and started up.

Some people may frown on the way i did this. I didnt follow a specific routine, i just trained as hard as possible, but trained smart. I ate approx. 5400 cal to start, im up to 6000cal now. 50%carbs 30%protein and 20%fat. I ate the same thing every day, with out fail (except for a few slip ups on the weekends). I started at 195lbs at approx 12%bf and 6 weeks later i was 225lbs. at approx 14%bf. Im 6’4" so Im not really big (though two years ago I weighted 170lbs, anyone who hasnt seen me since highs school thinks im huge now cause I was a stick figure before). As far as the mag10 goes, it was awesome, though I changed the dosing parameters for myself, because nothing seems to work for me at the reccomended dosages. I did 2 servings a day for 2 weeks, then one week off, and then 2 servings a day for 3 weeks. Now im on 4 weeks off the mag10 and I’m on methoxy-7 and tribex for these next 4 weeks. My nuts didnt shrink and i dont have gyno.

My goal was to be 220lbs, by june. I honestly didnt think mag10 would work that well, but it was unbelieveable. Im still not happy with my size, and i do need to cut up. However, i dont like being a skinny bastard. My all time goal is to be 240lbs at like 7%bf (i probably wont be happy when i get there either), and im only 15lbs away. Doesnt seem all that far away anymore. I realize im not taking into account body fat so id still have to put on more than 15 lbs of muscle. but i look much better at 225lbs at 14% than I did at 195lbs at 12%. I do have a question. I am now shooting for 240lbs and i think i can hit it, I want to be there by mid july. I am currently eating 6000cal a day (i have a really fast metabplism) with 3 caps of tribex 3 times a day and 2 servings of methoxy-7 a day. I was considering trying dymetadrine (im thinking dymetadrine, because to my knowledge, theres no appetite suppresant in it) to boost my workouts, maybe burn a little fat, but im not cutting the calories. So do you guys think I should keep bulking and try to hit 240lbs, or cut up now and then bulk up again? Which would produce results faster? I’m paranoid of losing any muscle, and have never really tried to cut up before, because ive always been relatively lean. My current body fat is acceptable for me, for now. I’m leaning towards just keeping up with what im doing now. My gains have slowed considerably, but not stopped, so maybe ride the wave till it crashes? what do you think? thanks

Take a break from the androgens for a while and cut up. It’ll take you probably a couple months to recover your natural hormone production anyway. Sure, dymetradrine is fine to use when cutting up.

By the way, I know some will argue this, but I have observed that the absolute best way to get cut up is to embark on a huge volume of exercise. Not necessarily all in the weight room either. If you want to cut up fast, get on a reduced calorie version of the Massive Eating diet, and work out twice a day. In the morning, do cardio, rope skipping, boxing, swimming, or any other GPP type of exercise, along with abdominals. Stretch afterwards. In the afternoon, stretch, then hit 45 minutes of hard weight room work. Keep up the aerobics and abdominal training even on your non-lifting days. I absolutely guarantee great results in fat loss with this high volume of exercise.

Bra–go tell your x to piss up a rope…keep getting jacked up, but lean out a little bit…when she starts to call you again, tell her you got to run to the gym to train with your new hot ass girl–
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Try PowerDrive for workouts. In regards to your goals, going from 225 lbs. and 14% bodyfat to 240 lbs. and 7% bodyfat is a huge change. In fact, you would have to lose almost 15 lbs. of fat and gain 30 lbs. of lean mass to do this. This type of goal is not accomplished in only 4 months. If you set more of a realistic goal then we can help you plan out something to achieve it. If you want to be lean by mid-July, the best way to go would be to do a Fat Fast type diet first while using MAG-10 or another androgen. You won’t lose any lean mass or at least not very much. After leaning out, say to 215 lbs. at 10% then you could do a bulking cycle and get up to say 230 lbs at 11%. This might be a realistic goal. I speak from experience when I say that getting lean before trying to bulk up is the way to go. You will add almost all lean muscle since you’re starting leaner. I just came off a 2 week MAG-10 cycle and started low at 200 lbs. I now sit at 215 lbs. and I’m still lean, if not leaner.

Longer term, I strongly think being “off”
2/3 of the time or at least 1/2 the time is better than pushing it harder than that, but so far as taking months to get your natural hormone production back, no. The way you’ve been doing it, you should have it back promptly with your first off week. As you noticed, your nuts didn’t shrink.

Congratulations on the excellent results! You’ll look even better cut up.

Marko, good job! I’m in the same boat as you, a lil bit shorter (by an inch or 2), could you post what you eat? the times you eat? etc etc… I recently started going a food log, it works out great, I’ve managed to up my calories by about 1k and protein by about 120 or so. Still need to tweak it till I hit 5k cals (I’m at about 3800-4000 now). I think I’m going to snack on peanuts to bump up my calories, and add grow to my 2 cups of cottage cheese during working hours. But any advice would be appreciated. I can also relate to being 170 at that height, man was I freakin skinny. I look at old pictures and laugh. Hehe in a way height is a bastard… we can weigh so much, but were much smaller then shorter doods, course it has other benefits and all…

GREAT gains. I too am 6’4’’ with a fast metabolism. I’d say dont do the fat fast diet, with your body type youd lose too much muscle. Id say too start cuting now, or at least a sub-caloric maintenance diet, it is almost summer after all, and Im guessing that you want those abs to show off.