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Mag10 1day on/3 days off

Since you’re online Tim, thought I ask this question on the big boy, Mag10.

In one of the news sections of T-MAg, there was talk of T-staffers taking Mag10 on a 1 day on/2-3 days off neverending cycle.

What are the feedbacks so far? Sounds interesting to me, but with my limited supply of Mag10, I sure dont want to waste a bottle in some experimentation!

Congrats on the supplements. Man, you must be pissed seeing some of your hard work taken away like that!


The way I see it, at one dose a day, twice a week, the MAg10 supply will last longer, and maybe this way, there wont be an up and down rollercoaster weight and strenght gains, but more constant yet significant benefits.

Since T-staffers did it, I thought they’d want to share the feedback.

I would be very interested in seeing the staff’s results on this protocol. This approach would sure beat the bulking and cutting merry go round.

I would also be interested in hearing from anybody that has tried this protocol as I have quite a lot of MAG-10 and I’d like to use it wisely without the bulking and cutting cycles.

Are considering a body comp plan with three days of low calories and one day of high calories?

If so, interesting. Insight would be great.

I can only remember one of the guys who was trying this - one of our computer staff. Here’s what he had to say about it:

"The idea was to take 4 doses (24 caps) throughout the day on Monday and Thursday and that by doing so you would be able to stay on for much longer, if not indefinitely, with no shut down. I tried this for 3 weeks. Results were good size and strength gains with no discernable shut down. I also retained the gains without use of Tribex or M, however I never got around to trying this protocol for longer periods.

Compared to standard full dosing (12 caps daily) this will save you a bit (84 vs. 24 caps weekly) yet still give you some good results, and I see no reason that you couldn’t use this protocol much longer (8-10 weeks)."

Not sure about this dosing protocol myself, never tried it.


Was his diet always based on the same number of calories each day? Or did he go high on Monday and Thursday and low on the other days? Also, were Monday and Thursday his only lifting days?

Thanks for your insight. You rock!


I ate increased calories, protein, and carbs all week long and training revolved around a typical 3-4 days per week split. If I remember correctly I was using Staley’s EDT Arm specialization program at the time so 2 days of arms using 15 minute sets (See his article on this for exact workout), and then 1 leg day and 1 day chest/back/delts using 5x5, 3x10, and other protocols.

In other words just treat your diet and training as you would with a typical Mag-10 cycling protocol.

I’m interested in what 8 weeks of this with ABBH would result in.

I did an unintentional 2 day cycle, as I trained upper body, rest the day after, then layed off MAg10 as I was sick!! The gains were still impressive as in total muscle recovery. Then I remember that little piece of info on this new way to cycle.

I usually gain 12-15 pounds on Mag10, but lose most of it afterwrads, so if there’s a way to be 5-9 pounds heavier all the time and save some of them precious pills, the merrier.

SwD, you should be able to retain much more than that, but it depends on a number of factors.

First, how much of that weight is muscle? I can understand eating too much and gaining fat and some water weight, then losing that after a cycle, but you should really be able to retain the muscle. So, cycle diet is factor #1.

Factor #2 is training age and genetic limitations. If you’re at your natural peak, then Bill Roberts says you should be able to retain about half your “non-natural” anabolic gains. If you’re not at your peak and you use MAG-10 or steroids to add, say ten pounds, then you should be able to retain most of that. Of course, so-called genetic peaks can be tricky. Most people who think they’ve reached theirs haven’t, so this is tough to pinpoint. Previous usage plays a roll too.

Factor #3 is training. Again, it’s been suggested by a couple of T-Nation’s experts that heavy training is best after a cycle of MAG-10. Don’t jump right into Meltdown Training in other words.

Factor #4 is transition. What do you do after a cycle? I notice that too many people jump right to a strict low carb diet with too few calories. I suggest a transition phase where you may not be eating as much as you were when on MAG-10, but you’re aren’t going into an immediate fat loss diet either. See the “Growth Surge Project” for more info there.

Last, Tribex, M, and Methoxy-7 after a cycle can help you retain gains as well. I think HOT-ROX would be beneficial here too (not all at once, but as an option.)

There’s probably more, but that’ll give you some stuff to ponder.

From what you tell me, I guess my mistake would be to go a bit low on calories after a cycle. With Hot-Rox its so easy that the fat just peels off, maybe I should wait two weeks before cutting too much.


On a 12 pound weight gain, I’d say 5 are water and extra glycogen/intramuscular fat (that it’s almost impossible to hold on while off), 2 pounds flab and 5 muscle.

What weight training routine seems to be the most agreed upon for on/off cycles. Exemple: volume while on, heavy and intense while off. Or has no one quite agreed on the matter?

Chris Shugart

I think that info is so important that it should be in an article.

If not a featured article, maybe append it to the existing Mag-10 articles for when people do a search.



Chris, Do you guys have Bill Roberts locked up in a lab there or what? Haven’t heard much from him in a long time???