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Mag to 4AD

Hey gang,

Would it be okay to go from a 2 week Mag10 cycle to a 2 week 4AD cycle? Or should I follow the Mag with Tribex then 4AD? Or what would you suggest.



Crooz, you would be best served by having a fair amount of “off” time between your Mag-10 and 4-AD cycles. As you put it, follow the Mag-10 Tribex, and then use the 4-AD.

Reason being, although 4-AD is not nearly as potent as Mag-10, it still does cause some surpression of endogenous testosterone; this would be especially true if T levels were already affected from the preceeding Mag-10 cycle.

Your best option would be to use Mag-10 for 2 weeks, follow it up with Tribex for about 3 weeks; during this time if you're ambitious and want to stay anabolic, you could add in Methoxy-7. After those three weeks, you could use 4-AD for up to 8 weeks for a longer bulk, just make sure you also use Tribex after.

Hope this helps.

Thanks John.

I was leaning toward the 2-3 week break but wasn’t exactly sure. I’ll do it the way you recommended, except I’ll keep the Tribex/Methoxy cycle to 2 weeks also.

Thanks again, Croooz