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Mag Ten't

ANYWAY, I just wanted to shout HALLELUJAH! to my straight-up T-peeps @ Biotest for creating Mag-10!

Now mind you, I’m a complete supplement skeptic. I don’t use 'em. But it just so happens that I acquired a bottle of Mag-10 a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday I consumed my final dosage. Mmmm! Goldschlager.

And what? I gained NINE pounds in just thirteen days yo! It?s true! Six pounds of LBM and three pounds of sexy fat. I am astounded.

So check it out: Mag-10 is TRULY the shiznit. If you’re looking to put on some size FAST, do yourself a flavor and load up. I’m not kidding. I didn’t think it would happen, but now I do believe!

Monkeymastah Merrow: TESTIFY! TESTIFY!! Since 2003!

Yea, yo, I heard dat ish be working mad tight, on tha real.

That’s whatn’t I’m talkingn’t about! It’s all about the MAG-10n’t.

MBEn’t: “For the sake of lucidity do not atempt to follow.”

finally broke down and forked out the cash for a Mag 10 plan for success. Will post results.