Mag/Ort Deadlift Discussion

Currently doing Smolov JR for my overhead press (I compete in strongman so no bench) and was running it for squats as well, however this has proved too high frequency squatting 4x per week .

I’m thinking do Mag/Ort programming for deadlift and squat BUT what I want to know is this, is Mag/Ort designed to be used one day a week for all the sets? I think it is but if anyone has ran it let me know so my program will be this…

Day 1: mag/ort squat
Smolov JR press

Day 2: smolov Jr press
Accessory work (back,grip)

Day 3: smolov Jr press
Accessory work (arms,core)

Day 4: mag/ort deadlift

Please let’s not have this be a eh mer ghad yull ehvertrain waste of time thread, I eat plenty and sleep plenty and have a fairly sedentary job .

Found out it’s one day a week, so yep, this is my current plan :wink:

How did this go for you?