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Mag Mobility DVD for Christmas!

I have been after my wife to get me the Magnificent Mobility DVD for a gift since it came out. She finally got it for me for Christmas. I popped it into the player and only had time to view the first few exercises.

Today, I went to play racquetball. I warmed up with one of the exercises I saw and I can’t believe the huge difference it made. I have been getting an extreme tightness in my lower back, not in the spinal erector area but more outside over my left hip. This has really inhibited movement on the court.

Today, however, there was no trace of it after doing that execise. I can’t wait til I have a chance to view the whole DVD and develop a program for myself.

Buy it.

I too also got this as a gift.

I was excited. But after the 1st couple mins. was turned off. I was more @ arguement with what they said about a cardio warm-up and static stretching. blah blah blah scientists this and scientists that. I think I remember them saying there is only 3 static stretches you should do. blah blah blah

Not to sound like I don;t think this DVD was informative. I think it’s a great way to increase joint temp. prior w/o and switch certain muscles on.

It’s very similiar to Ian Kings controll drills prior w/o.

But the whole static stretching and cardio warm-up etc…

I found this DVD to be interesting. I will now have some warm-up activities to do before I start working out. I will still do my post workout static stretches, but this DVD provides some nice pre-work routines.

Currently, I have just used warmed up sets or just started working out with bodyweight exercises.

I have only gone through the basic exercises. I hope to check out the rest throughout the next few weeks. I definitely have hip mobility issues to fix.

[quote]MNguns wrote:
I was more @ arguement with what they said about a cardio warm-up and static stretching. . .I think I remember them saying there is only 3 static stretches you should do.


I don’t think they were against the idea of static stretching, per se. Just against its use as a warm up for a workout. Post workout static stretching would be fine. The three static stretches they recommend are the only ones they advocate pre-workout.

I still do some light cardio prior to the exercises.

I find their approach and philosphy interesting.

This DVD is informative and educational. I like the movements that focus on ROM prior w/o.

In general I disagree w/ them that static stretching prior w/o is inappropriate. Yes their might be an approach that is dynamic or baliistic that “may” be more beneificial for the joints.

But I challange you to think about this.

If you were going to train someone to be an athelte from an early age from ground zero and only use “3” static stretching prior I would be interested and cautious to see their results.

Do you think gymnists and UFC fighters would only use 3 static stretches prior a w/o. Highly doubtful.

I’m not bashing this DVD> I like it. I just find their approach to be interesting.

Search around the internet. There have been studies that show that static stretches are bad when the muscle is not warmed up, so folks run a treadmill for 5 minutes and stretch.

What the DVD points out is that doing static stretches prior to your workout can have a negative effect on your workout. And the DVD provides some alternatives to the run 5 minutes and stretch routine.

I still do static stretches after my workout, and I have a lot of work to do on those. But my muscles are warmed up.

I think if you’re really worried about the approach, then do a test. Do the 5 minute run and stretches, lift and record your results. Then, use the approach provided on the DVD. Do you notice a difference?

We have to listen to our own bodies and do what works best for us.