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does anyone know if the ingredients in MAG-10 are detectable in a steroid test, and for how long? I’ve searched all around and cant seem to find anything definitive on this.

I would imagine it would be detectible, most of the pro-hormones metabolized into pretty much the same things as many common steroids.

Yep, you’d fail.

any time fram in which they would be out of your system?

In case anyone is interested, I have found that the ingrediants in MAG-10 clear your system in 3-4 days. However, any nor-andro products take arond 3 months.

My wife runs a medical testing lab and ran my urine while I was on a MAG-10 cycle. I tested positive 6 weeks after my last dose.

yea, I read that they are allowed to be 97 percent pure, so if the same equipment was used for two different products there could be cross contamination. did you have any follow up test?

what was strange however, is that 19-norandrostenedione metabolizes into nandrolone, which supposedly stays in your system for up to 18 months. why, then does the andro version take that short to clear? as you can see I am no expert, I am just curious as to the science of it, and also wonder if 3 months would be enough to clear the MAG-10, and any potential impurities within, out of my system.