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MAG - 10


I have nine bottles of MAG-10, if any one is interested let me know. They have been stored in the freezer since purchased, so they are good to go. I like the product, but the oil upsets my stomach. Please let me know if interested. Thanks for the replies.

EDIT: I do not have any more bottles left.


With all the editing that goes on here how can this get through?

Soliciting a banned product?


Hmmmmmm. I am somewhat hazy on the legality of it. Is it legal to sell because it was manufactured preban, or illegal to sell because it is now a banned product, regardless of when it was manufactured?


With all the steroid talk that goes on here, answering that I might be interested in some MAG-10 a prohormone doesnt seem that bad. Send me a pm or email.


PM me.


this is not legal- plain and simple


MAG-10 was of course a Biotest product.

The legality of any potential transaction depends on both the country of origin and destination.

As stated by others, MAG-10 and other related pro-hormone and pro-steroid products have been banned by the US government.


pm me


Come on---pleeease!!! Save me the self-rightousness and put up another picture of that wife of yours. Noone cares any longer what you may have to say.


I understand what you are saying. But, you are also basically stating that someone could openly post anabolics for sale. I'm pretty sure that stuff gets deleted (if someone is dumb enough to try it)



Hi, i am interested in the MAG-10, how much per bottle and how much would shipping be, also how many do you have left. thanks


Do you have legacy or destroyer?


Ebay always has a bottle or two going for an outrageous price. Right now someone is selling 2 bottles of destroyer and it is up over $350. Amazing.


How much did it sell for before the ban? Is it worth 355$. You could get real gear for that price.


PM me and let me know if you have any more bottles left. Thanks


If anyone has any MAG-10 they're willing to sell please PM me.


Apparently not. As it's been posted here times. And there are countries where the sale of both prohormones ans steroids are legal. I'm pretty sure there are at least two T-Nation readers who live in one of those countries and might want to transaction. Nothing's been violated.


Please PM me if you have any left


Thanks for the replies. I do not have any more bottles left.


I have MAG-10 that I am willing to part with. All have been frozen since purchase.

Got bottles of:

"Destroyer 420caps" ( 1 left )

PM only please.