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I wanted to get some thoughts and advice on MAG-10. I have begun training for a half-marathon; alumni thing with some old college buddies, temporary return to my roots, blah blah blah. Dont ask.

Anyhow, I have acquired some MAG-10 for afterward to help me quickly regain muscle and stength that I will no doubt lose with this kind of training and add a little more beyond. Have most of you who used it favored the two week on, two week off method or preffered longer cycles? It's my understanding that you really wouldn't want to take anything during the cycle, probably not even Alpha Male. Is this rights?

For off-weekks/after the cycle, is TRIBEX still most recommended or is Alpha Male totatally appropriate?

You really are fine with either of these?

Has anyone used nolva (maybe 20mg) during the off times instead? Any input you could give would be great. Thanks.


Im thought I read somewhere on here that you could use Carbolin 19 during heavy aerobic cycles, so that you wouldnt lose any of your gains, and once you`ve completed your aerobic cycle, you can return to gaining mass again by whatever means you chose.


I'm sure you did read it. It has some valdity. And I do plan to use Carbolin 19. But I do not really buy into that. I do not think I will be able to maintain all my muscle with the kind of mileage I'll be putting in. I suppose it depends on what one considers heavy aerobic exercise.

Anyhow, I still would like opinions about the best use of MAG-10, regardless of how much mass I can maintain during this period of training.


Since it's such a commodity, why not save the MAG-10 for a better/later time? You should be able to add back any LBM you lost pretty quick just from going back to your regular training/eating. . . and not running so damn far for no reason.

But yeah, Alpha Male should work just fine. I don't think you'd need nolva after MAG-1O.

Hope this helps, but I'm sure more experienced people will chime in.


Sure, thanks. That might in fact be the better approach. To use it when working to add NEW muscle.


Bump. Anyone else? What have your experiences been like? What length cycles?


i used MAG-10 when it initially came out on the market. I think you'd be best served by doing a 2 on, 1 off, 2 on, 4 off approach. Alpha Male should be sufficient during your off weeks.


Thanks for your input.


Rebuilding muscle is easier then building new muscle. I don't see any reason to waste it achieving what you could with Alpha Male and a good diet and exercise routine. When your growth has obviously slowed, or stopped, then throw in the MAG-10.

Later this year, when I am ready, I will be doing a 2 weeks on, 2 off, 2 on again cycle. If I had the supply, I would probably double dose for each 2 weeks I was on. But now I just don't want to waste it. (Until I see what Anaconda is about.)


Yeah-I think I will wait on it until I've regained any muscle I lose. I'm interested in a personal comparison between MAG-10 and Anaconda at some point.