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Ok, so here’s the deal. I have some MAG-10 I want to use, but I want to make sure to put it to good use. I was wondering what everyone thinks would be the best diet and training program to go on for my cycle?
Im planning on doing the full MAG-10 plan for success with the MAG-10 for the first 2 weeks and then Tribex and M for the folllowing two weeks. I have enough of everything to do this cycle for up to the 12 weeks as suggested, but will only use it as much as I feel necessary. Im just looking to put on the most muscle possible. By the way, its very hard for me to put on a lot of size. Im curently at 6’3" 205.
Any help or suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks.

A fellow hardgainer?

There are a lot of great programs to combine with MAG-10: OVT, ABBH, EDT just pick one.

Your diet is the absolute priority however, you need to read up on JB and LL’s work, Growth Surge Project, Skinny Bastard Diet perhaps by Cy Wilson, make sure to keep the protein and cals high especially post cycle!

Eat man eat, red meat, eggs, chicken, oatmeal, eat man eat!

Agathos has it absolutely right.

Have you ever seen the credits roll on the “Flintstones” where the waitress at the drive-in brings out the rack of ribs that knocks the car over? That’s the kind of eating that Agathos is talking about!

You’ll short change yourself on a Mag-10 cycle if you’re not spending every free minute in front of the refrigerator or gorging yourself at the all-you-can-eat buffet. Especially true if you are a hardgainer. Try to eat clean, but eat, eat, eat!

Thanks for the help. Im gonna do exactly what you both said… I want to get as big as possible on this cycle, and Im willing to do everything in my power to make it work out.
So right now I think Im going to start priming myself for the next 2 weeks, then Im going to hit the OVT program when I start the cycle. Other than that Im going to eat as much as I can (as clean as possible) and take it from there.
Again, thanks for the help.

i wish i was a hardgainer

i’m an easygainer (if thats even a word). i can weight like no other (but unfortunately it turns into fat, not muscle)

I’m 5’6" and 150 I’ve found that I can gain very well with a daily dose of 3 capsules of MAG-10 with 2 capsules of Tribex. It’s my way of making my MAG-10 supply last a little longer.I take my daily MAG-10 dose about an hour before I work out so that blood concentrations are at their highest during my workout. I haven’t tried it with Alpha Male yet since I’m saving up for 4-AD-CE while I can get it. When the new Methoxy comes out I might be able to gain with even less MAG-10. I’ll certainly be able to maintain my gains. I think that with a lower dose of MAG-10, combined with Tribex, T supression will be much less of an issue as well.

cottage cheese is your friend, down a huge bowl before bed, at breakfast, lunch, etc.