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Mag 10

I am 21 years old 6’5 235lbs in decent shape. i want to gain muscle mass and was wondering if it is safe for a young guy like me to use mag 10. And are there any side effects that may make me want to not use it? Please let me know of any good supplements u know of as well for mass. I plan to do a bulking phase and after that I want to do a cutting phase, if u guys know any good bulking and cutting routines please let me know. Thanks

Ok I’m gonna keep this short and not flame you.

21 is borderline young for Mag-10 but it ultimately depends on your experience and knowledge and in all honesty you don’t know enough to jump into Mag-10. Mag-10 is a serious supplement and if you don’t know how to bulk or cut then you are not ready to be throwing in something like that.

You REALLY need to read this website.

There is a whole wealth of information here, yet people choose to come to the forums expecting a “Do these three things” type of response.

Try reading these articles:

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Mag-10 should be thrown into the mix after you’ve put in solid time making all the wonderful dietary strategies and routines this site provides work, naturally (without enhancement.)

Ok so that wasn’t so short.

Dice ,

I would definately second what ND has said, makes sense and you will see better results for it in the long run.

Good post ND

Let me just add that I believe you’d be safe but I honestly don’t think it would be a wise decision because:

you need to learn more about training diet and nutrition. Mag 10 or not, these need to be DOWN! Important stuff.

Totally agree,

A waste of a high quality supp. without having diet and training nailed first.

Eat right, and train T-man style for a few years then look for such a supp.

A ph only goes so far on a crappy diet.

Just my 2cc.