MAG 10 ?

brothers i have been taking tribex and 6oxo four the last four weks i want to start a mag10 cycle. how long should i come off the tribex and 6oxo before i start the mag 10?

You don’t have to wait at all as they work through different mechanisms. When your Mag-10 cycle is over, get right back on them too. You can use the Tribex with vitex, “M”, or what you have already.

You are not coming off anything, you can start Mag 10 immediately.
BTW since you are asking such a question (tells us you did’t do your homework) do a bit of searching and reading on this site before you start your Mag 10 cycle.

I wouldn’t jump right into it as you should take full advantage of the extra anabolic potential of using Mag-10.

yes i have done my homework with the mag 10. if you have some more useful info i should know fill me in.