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I have heard alot about Mag-10, and I;m curious, what is the best way to take it. I’m basicaly trying to find the closet thing to a leagl steroid! Any suggestions?

You can take 12 capsules on day one -called a frontload - and 6 after that and stay on for about two weeks, or you can take 12 per day for two weeks. Those are the label recs. It’s recommended you cycle off after two weeks, though some people go three or four.

If you do close cycles or stay on longer than two weeks, it’s recomended you come off with Tribex and M. It’s definitely the most powerful stuff on the market but the goverment is already looking to ban it. Read all this for more info:


Before asking any questions its probably best to do a search on the site first because this question and the other one you posted can be probably be answered by reading the existing posts and articles. Just go to the home page and type in some key words into the search function and you can search the forums, the articles or the whole damn thing. Not surprisingly many posters on this forum are reluctant to answer questions which have been asked a million times before. Theres a shit load of info on here so get reading and good luck.


The makers of Mag-10 have published an article called “Mag-10 Plan for Success.” Type in the title in the search bar to your left, then search T-mag (not T-forums) to find it easily.

Since the article was published awhile ago, it might be interesting to ask if anyone has recommendations from experience to add to or replace the recommendations in that article. But the article is the place to start.

I agree with the search comments but since I’ve been away for a while I need to find something to post on.

If it’s your first time using it you might try 12 caps the first 1-2 days and then 6 after that for two weeks and see what kind of results you get. After that you could try 2 weeks full dose and after that maybe a 3-4 week cycle.

Supps like Tribex, M, and Methoxy are good to start using as soon as you finish a cycle, they’ll help you lock in your gains and keep the mass on.

Make sure to read up (The Growth Surge Project) and have your diet in place.

The best way to take Mag-10 is orally, read the directions lazyboy!

2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on… you get the picture. You can play with the dosages as has been pointed out already.

Definitely pick up some Tribex for in between cycles, but you’ll be fine without adding the M.