Mag 10

i was considering starting a mag 10 cycle
and was wondering what i could stack it with for best results (im going to be going on a bulking phase), also i was reading an article here that said something about doubling daily dosage for faster results, is there any truth to that?
also what type of gains have been expeirenced with some of you guys while using mag 10? Thanx!

Mag10 essentially is a stack. If you were only using 4ad you could stack something with it, but Mag10 uses 4ad along with a1e I think… instead make sure you’ve got some surge and protein, maybe some zma or creatin, hold off on everything else until post cycle.

As far as dosing, there is a lot of debate on this. Since this is your first time I would try 1.5 servings per day, and see what happens, then go to 2 servings per day. Do at least a two week cycle.

As far results, do a search over on the left and you’ll get lots of feedback. Most have good strength increases combined with adding up to 20 pounds per cycle, bearing in mind a little fat and also some water weight…