Not sure if this is the right section for this question, but…I just ordered mag-10 and tribex 500. I’m just starting to workout again after about two months off. So I’ve been hitting the creatine for a couple days and I’m going to get back to the gym in two days(it’s closed right now, for break). My questions are:
(1) Would do people think about using Mag-10 and Creatine at the sametime, then Tribex and Creatine after my cycle?
(2) Will it hurt to start taking Mag-10 now or should I wait a couple months?

Current stats:
absolutely no pecs

Hey, there, Frat.

Creatine is a great/effective supp on or off Mag-10. Good stuff. And Tribex is excellent for recovery. Creatine will not interfere with either Mag-10 or Tribex and should actually be complementary.

Don’t start Mag-10 until you get back in the gym and start working out. There are those who believe that to get the most bang for the financial buck you should be working out, eating big and use Mag-10 to help blast pass/through a plateau.

Have you read the Mag-10 Plan for Success?

yeah, what TT said…