mag 10

I am currently training for some Arena tryouts and other football combines and I was wondering if mag 10 would be a good supplememnt for my needs. Instead of hypertrophy being the priority I am seeking to improve in the areas of relative strength, explosiveness and speed. Any feedback is appreciated.

Mag-10 will help with strength. Just make sure you eat enough protein. 2grams per pound of lean body weight. Oh, and make sure that it’s allowed in the league or you could get tested and lose your chance.

Yes, the testing issue also concerns me.
I can only guess that the active ingredients in MAG-10 would get you kicked out of the Olympics and international track and field. Is that so? are they banned substances?

What is the deal with the ‘legality’ of these supplements from a sports testing view?

Most sports look at them as being the same as any illegal steroids that you can use. I would definitely make some calls to make certain you aren’t possibly blowing your chance by using it.

The combines do not start until April- May so I don’t think the testing should be an issue. I would only be using Mag 10 if it were to help me make gains in the previously mentioned areas of sports performance rather than hypertrophy. Again any input is appreciated.