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I am new to bodybuilding and supplements. i’ve recently ordered some mag-10, riboforce, and myoplex mass at the reccommendation of a friend who is a bodybuilder. i was looking at the reccommended dosage and it says on day one take 2 servings 8-12 hours apart, and the following days take 1-2 servings per day. what would be the benefit if any to taking 2 servings a day for me as a beginner as opposed to starting out with 2 servings on day one and then only one servings the following days?

As a beginner you’re wasting your money with Mag10. You can make some serious gains if you just train hard and eat right.

Agree with Pike, you’re wasting money on Mag10 at this stage of the game. Spend that money on more food and more protein. Seriously, you won’t get what you can out of it at this stage of the game. Save it.

Now, if you choose to ignore this advise, and it’ll probably be the advise of most here, then just take 1 serving per day. 2 servings is gross overkill. Even a number of experienced lifters don’t find the benefits from an additional serving to be worth the cost.