MAG-10 ?

Yeah I know this is the steroid forum, but I wanted to know if any of you use mag-10 at all. I used it numerous times and liked the results. HOWEVER, now that I have a solid cycle under my belt I was wondering if I should even bother going back? Does anyone here?

Could you stack it with something? Test?

Surely there is something good to stack with it for a good cycle. I’ve been considering this for a semi cycle soon…

Anxious to see responses.

…but if so what type of anti e’s would be needed…?

WTF, at least tell me it’s a stupid question if thats how ya feel.

I can’t remember what I was searching for, but I found a Cy-Borg article in the past issues where he discussed briefly what one could take with Mag-10.

I found it for you…Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

Until some of the resident experts drop by, I’ll give ya my $.02…

What are your goals? Are you satisfied with where you are and want to maintain or do you want to build more? If it’s the latter then going with AAS will provide more potential.

You could simply just do a longer Mag-10 cycle but would have to include post cycle recovery. Options that are still legal are 6-oxo or liquid Clomid or Nolva from one of the ‘research’ retailers.

As far as stacking with Mag-10 goes, adding another PH such as 19-Nor (Deca target) or 1,4 Andro (Equipose target) may increase gains.

IMO stacking Mag-10 with AAS would be kinda redundant. If you’re crossing the line and injecting real gear then ideally you would stack it with other real gear. Maybe sourcing issues might prevent this but I’m only talking theoretically…

I got great gains on a cycle of test enanthate and deca durabolin.
For the first 2 weeks, before the injectables really kicked in, I used mag10 as my ‘oral’. It was a good choice in my opinion, because I really don’t find you get the true benefits of enanthate or deca until the 4th week. I got serious gains from the mag before the test/deca really flooded my veins. Whenever I front load deca I find my sex drive decreases a bit, but the mag10 got me revved up (probably the 4-ADEC in it).
I like mag10 as an oral choice because it is easy on the liver, and overall safer than any other oral (correct me if I’m wrong).

I’d recommend mag10 on an all slow-acting injectable cycle when you don’t want any 17-AAs but still want a good oral.

Interesting feedback and some good answers to the ?I didn’t ask. I’m interested in knowing if anyone here takes/has taken mag-10 to gain mass now that they have been using streroids for some time. Is it worth it? Should I just put the $ towards my next cycle?

put the money towards your next cycle. you will be disappointed with pro hormones after aas. its like goin from sex to a hand job.

The t-mag article #272 “Something bad this way comes” has testomonials from steroid users about mag-10. You can take it as just propaganda, but I personally trust Biotest and think it is factual.

I have never taken steroids, only mag, so I cannot comment persoanlly.

Would Mag-10 alone with good meal planning and workouts help gain weight? Never done ‘roids’ before.

Quinn, you’re joking right?

I see that Cy says d-bol would work well with mag-10 but I’ve seen that get shot down by many who post here. Oh well, I think tren, cyp, turinabol, and maybe Eq is all I want for christmas.