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Mag 10


Could it be used in higher doses then two dosses aday for up to 4 weeks? I was thinking 3 doses aday for 4 weeks. I would like to find something a lttle harder but not too many people use gear at the YMCA. lol


Go ahead and try it so the rest of us will know the answer.


Bill Roberts has stated previously that anything more than 2 doses a day will add no benefit but may increase the risk of side effects. In fact, most have done and will do well w/ only one dose; however, a small percentage will see significantly greater gains w/ 2 doses.



I saw better gains with 2 doses but not to the point where it was worth spending the extra money..stick with 1 dose.


The only difference I noticed from 2 doses/day as opposed to 1 dose/day was increased acne. Stick to what the bottle says. 3 doses is definitely overkill.


thanx, what about going for 4 weeks then take the tribex & M?


I plan on starting 2-3 wks. of Mag10 followed by up to 4 wks. of 4AD all double dosing and defenitely plan on M, Tribex, and Methoxy post cycle. I know others have used 4AD up to 9 wks. with no side effects other than lots of added size and strenth. I plan on doing some pics throughout the cycle but I hate to post them to soon as I've been pretty lazy the last few weeks not training, eating, or tanning and look a lot like a comatose vampire at this point...

Point being I'm sure you're safe, but if you go past 2-3 wk. you will want to make use of M and Tribex just to help your natural T levels rebound, Methoxy really helps to retain gains.