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I am dying to try a Mag-10 cycle. I am finishing up a six week 1AD cycle. I got a lot out of it, so I want to go w/ Mag-10. Should I wait a while, or can I safely go on with my plan?

Personally i would go for a 2 week tribex /M cycle pre mag10 as opposed to back to back cycles or some down time (maybe methoxy for four weeks?)

CY? Bill R?

Thanks for the advice. It makes sense. I just didn’t want that answer. I will follow your advice. I figure if 1-AD gave me anything, Mag-10 should really be good for me. I reviewed the old posts, etc. but could not find an answer. Thanks again.

I tried both, like both. with the mag10 tho my recovery was halfed, maybe better. the only time in the last couple of years i have been able to train all body part heavy twice per week, lotsa fun

i used it for six weeks straight and came off with tribex and vitex and noticed no side effects.

Thanks. I just got some Tribex. I’m actually done w/ week 6 tomorrow. I feel real good. Goldberg, what were your gains like?

i gained a good bit of strength but only a few lbs. five maybe. this was a tough time in my life, because of cheerleading practice, school, lifting, and a new girlfriend. I didnt get to eat as often as i would have liked and if i recall i this was when i separated my shoulder pretty bad. all i really remember was the money i wasted because of all the things that kept me from getting good gains. It would be put to much better use now.