has anyone every tried mag-10 on a maintenance diet?

i don’t understand something. how do people not understand that you can put on ten to twenty pounds WITHOUT mag-10 if you add 500-1000 calories to your normal diet? that’s what everyone suggests doing when on a mag-10 (legal steriod) cycle. anyone in the bodybuilding community knows that by adding 500 cal to your diet each day for one week will put on a pound.

for example, if i added 1000 calories to my normal maintenance diet, i would put on about 12 lbs in six weeks. how are my 12 lbs any different than the 12 lbs those on mag-10 are gaining?

i am not dogging mag-10, just looking for answers because i’m debating whether or not to give it or real juice a try.

With an androgen like MAG-10, the “weight” you gain is mostly muscle, not fat.

If it were as easy as simply eating more and gaining a pound a week, then everyone would be big and muscular.

Not all pounds are created equal.

In other words, you’ll put on more LBM than fat in the presence of an androgen.

1000 calories of what?

12 lbs. of what?

You’re not considering many factors when it comes to adding weight.

First, as others said, most people prefer to add LBM not FM. Adding LBM isn’t as easy as taking in more cals. Depending on whether you use MAG-10 or other anablolics and the type of calories, timing of meals, macronutrient ratios, etc. could highly influence whether you gain LBM or FM.


Because that would be dumb.

All good responses so far. And to answer your original question, yes, I actually did try a cycle of MAG-10 while on maintenance cals, just to see what would happen. The answer? Nothing much. (I got a little stronger was all.)

But if you’re trying to extrapolate from this that MAG-10 won’t work on a bulking cycle, or won’t add anything to a bulking cycle (or a cutting cycle, for that matter), you’re very sadly mistaken. MAG-10 works.

But hey. Try a bulking cycle with and a cycle without, while keeping good track of your food, BF%, etc. See for yourself.