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mag 10

I am going to order a cycle of mag 10.I would like any help someone might be able to give me on dosage(best for best results),cycle length,and any other pertinent info you could give.I will greatly appreciate any and all help.

I did this program with 2 doses of mag 10 per day(you’ll need two bottles) and put on 9 lbs on the scale. I don’t have a good way of measuring bf% but I’d estimate I gained 4 lbs of real muscle in 14 days.

Only 4 lbs LBM? How long have you been lifting and what were you eating? Simply because at the time I did a MAG-10 cycle last, I wasn’t that keen on nutrition. I think I was getting a measley 200 g protein, 250 on a good day and I gained 7 lbs LBM.

A seach will bring up hundreds of posts on this. I think the subject has been talked about so much before that many won’t respond again.

I will though. I’d say the best results for me came with a dose and a half per day. Most gain 7-10 pounds per cycle, if they eat right and train hard.


Agreed I could have seen more gains, but a low back injury two days into the program which put a kabosh on serious leg work and rowing activity. Given the circumstances, I was thrilled with results.


I’d recommend just the good old ‘Mag 10 plan for success’ (issue 196):

‘Growth-Surge; Phase 2’ (issue 183) for your training and nutrition. - More specifically, definitely try to do the 2-a-day training protocol therein. Also, the calorie recommendations you’ll find there might be a little high for you (personally, I trimmed off a couple hundred calories), but give it a try and see what happens.

For ‘recovery’, I’d suggest Joel Marion’s RR&D (issue 214). - After my last bulking cycle, this routine left me with 100% of my gains (weight and BF% before/after were identical).

If you’re a first-timer (which I assume you are), I’d also suggest starting out with taking 1/2 serving 2-times a day (for a total of 1 serving per day). - If you follow my advice and go with 2-a-day training, this will work out perfectly for you, and you’ll just take 1/2 serving before each session.

Oh yeah (almost forgot), the P+C, P+F, and P+C+F debate is already bordering on ‘epic’ status. - You’ll have to experiment yourself to see which is better for you…

But, personally, I go with P+C+F meals (evenly distributed) during my bulking cycles. - That protocol is both easier and more effective (IMO). Just keep in my that this is merely my humble opinion, and that when the dust settles on JB’s Massive Meals protocol, I could very well be wrong…

If you’re training and diet and all other variables that affect gains are optimal then expect very good gains off 1 dose/day.