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Mag 10

How does everyone like this stuff?! I think it’s great so far. I gained 10 pounds in 2 weeks and am about to start the 2 week off cycle of M and Tribex 500.

Good going. How much do you weigh and what else did you do to gain 10lbs in 2 weeks?


I went from 155 with BF just under 8% to 161 (after dropping the extra BF) in my first 2-week cycle, and stayed at a little under 8%BF. Second 2 weeks put me at 170, and I’m now dropping the extra BF and predicting I’ll be 166-7. That’s 11-12 pounds of LBM in 2 months, with BF still under 8. For each cycle I followed the Growth Surge Project.

I have been a slow gainer until this came along. I did the 2 doses/day method, with no other supplementation; ate along Zone proportions but with extra protein. Totally worth the money spent!

I’ve got to agree with something Joel Marion wrote about MAG-10

“It is the best supplement ever made.”

I used it to gain strenght. It worked great for me and I have gained about 9-10lbs during my 5 week Mag10 cycle. Good for strenght or lbm, whatever is your goal :slight_smile: