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What is Mag-10 and how can I use it for my diet? I’m 19 years old and weigh 151 pounds. I’m trying to gain body weight and strength.

NO! You cannot use MAG-10 for your diet. You need to read the several articles here at this site on MAG-10 first and then decide if it is right for you. MAG-10 came out at the end of last year, so going back to previous issues around that time should really help shed some light on the issue. As for your other question about the Jason Brice program, just email Joel and he’ll get back to you.

MAG-10 is a supplement. In this case the word “supplement” means in addition to. MAG-10 would be supplementing your diet. Therefore, they are separate entities and one, especially of younger age, ought to have their diet fine tuned for quite some time before considering using any type of androgens. Unless you are under 5’6 at that bodyweight of 150 lbs. you are most likely not eating enough calories to gain weight. Also, in the future it would be helpful to others to give advice/input if you could provide more information, such as bodyfat %, current diet, training age, etc. Otherwise, we will make assumptions, like I just did.

Is it just me, or is this about the third post in as many days from someone younger than me interested in Mag-10? I think maybe we should let pro-hormones be banned, if only to cut down on the idiot factor. Like another post said, before trying Mag-10, try meat-bol, veggie-anone, tren-eggs, and food-abol.

By the looks of your message it sounds like your a little new or atleast beginning or more conformed approach to the iron game. Mag-10 is one of the many prohormones on the market and shouldn’t be used for any other reason but a last resort, after experimenting with the many programs and diets here you can find on t-mag. I wouldn’t advise anyone to take synthetics to put on some size unless they’ve actually had some long term commitment. Atleast a couple of years worth. There are plenty of ways, like massive eating, growth surge project, etc. to gain mass. Don’t go for the quick fix and in the end actually gaining no knowledge. Just my 2 cents.

To gain weight you should eat quality foods and at least 1 gram of protein for each pound of bodyweight. Mag-10 is a supplement, not a foodstuff. Build a good base and Mag-10 will ice the cake.

This neckcranked guy is a jerk and probably a huge fatass.A kid shows up here for advice and he goes off like a loser who can only yell at people in chatrooms,because if he did in the real world,would get his ass kicked by a 90 pound weakling.This kid was asking about a good product and the use of it,he is also in the forum to ask a question.Your responce could turn him off to biotest products and the excellent advice found here and on the website.Get a life fatass crankneck

Sean, the problem is that the info is ALREADY HERE. This is a question asked repeatedly without the person doing a bit of research about it. The fact that Neckcranked called him on it doesn’t imply a thing about his physique or him as a person.

Read up on mag10 first. At your age and weight I’d recommend getting your diet in line first. I think a 5x5 program would work good for you too.

If it makes you that mad just don’t respond. I guess I like to take up for the newbies since I’m pretty new also.I’m still used to the lovey dovey BFL atmosphere.