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Happy Holidays to everyone. I’m typically what one would consider to be a hardgainer. I’ve been training for about 4-5 years and have made some great gains. I’m going to start my first cycle of Mag-10 and was curious to know what I should focus on more: protein or carbs? Being a hardgainer, I know (from experience) I need a lot of both to make a difference. But with Mag-10, what’s more important?

Some people that I have talked to that have taken Mag-10 say that protein is extra important when taking Mag-10…but without the carbs, will I still make the gains?Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

You won’t build muscle without protein, but you won’t optimally use protein to build muscle if you don’t have adequate calories (e.g. carbs and fat) to allow the protein to do its job. As such, rather than questioning which one is more important, just make sure that you’re getting a lot of both. Think of them as a barbell and the plates that go with it. Each one is near useless without the other.

Dude, a little research goes a long way. Here it is directly from the “Mag10 Plan for Success”

Make hay while the sun is shinin’? Or in anabolic terms? Eat big while the juice is flowin’. In other words, during the MAG-10 cycle, eat big, which equates to about 1,000 calories above daily maintenance levels, including 400 grams of protein and at least 500 grams of carbs. Regarding macronutrient breakdown, your diet should be comprised of 40-50% carbs, 30-40% protein, and 20-30% fat.

Enjoy, Croooz

KA-If you want to bulk you need both. Here is my experience. If I follow the plan for sucess I but on fat and muscle but mostly muscle. First cycle about 8 ibs. Second 6 ibs. On my third cycle I used the anabolic dieting protocol. But on 2 ibs of lbm and lost 6 ibs. of fat. I am currently doing a cutting cycle using 4 ad followed by Mag-10 then onto tribex and m for 4 weeks. Starting at 13%bf. Bodyweight of 193ibs. Goal is to get to 10%bf at 188ibs. in 8 weeks. Whenever I used mag-10 in the past and cut carbs way down I gained some muscle and virtually no fat. In fact lost fat if I did cardio. I am age 40 so I had a little fat to spare. Hope this answers your question.

You’ve decided to do a MAG-10 cycle without doing any research? Do your research, learn about what it can do for you and what you need to do. Your diet is the number 1 requirement for success when taking MAG-10, so you need to read read read and get a plan together. Wherever you see MAG-10 mentioned on this site, you see a raft of info and suggestions on diet from the folks at T-MAG, contributors and from people like you and me.

Guys, I never said I didn’t do any research on Mag-10. I am looking for some first hand experience from some other experienced lifters on this supplement before I try it. A lot of people respond differently to different supplements. I’m obviously doing my research and asking questions otherwise I wouldn’t have posted my original question. Just trying to gather as much info. as possible. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question…all the advice is greatly appreciated.

Research would have found that the definition here of a “hardgainer” is one who just doesn’t eat enough. You asked which was more important and that presents a false dilemma because it isn’t an either/or situation. You need both. Eat while you’re on Mag.

I haven’t spoken with anyone whose had different results from Mag10. It either works because they ate or it didn’t because they didn’t. That is only with the limited group I know of. So that being said, eat the way the article says and report back how much you grew


Favor one macronutrient over another and report back what happened. Either way it’s your growth. Croooz