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mag 10

hey im 20 years old and im wondering how much would mag-10 help me out? right now im fighting the war on terrorism and stuff but when i get back its all business. i have to prepare to wrestle or play rugby in college and im looking for what ever edge i can get.

Yes, it would. MAG-10 has been very successful. But make sure you know how to train and eat properly before you use any supplement.

Just so you know, i have been taking mag-10 for 4 days and have gained 7 pounds!!! from one troop to another, i recommend it. HUA

thanks for your help and advice. this was my 1st time on the forum and it was a huge help. i also had lots of questions answered by reading another forum “getting grande” i think it was and it had all the little questions i was gonna ask already in it. thank you again and ill keep checking the forum for more advice. thanks again