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What should my protein/carb/fat ratios be if I will be bulking while taking Mag-10? My caloric intake will be 1000 calories above maintenance, which will be 4053 calories. Also, has anyone used Mag-10 in a bulking cycle? Can it be used on a 12-week-on/12-week-off cycle?

I’d suggest 2.0 to more-preferably 2.5 grams protein per lb LBM per day, with fat being about as low as is reasonably practicable and isn’t making you miserable with regards to your food choices (say 10-15% of your total calories and preferably not over 20%), and the balance being carbs.

I don’t prefer recommending cycles as long as 12 weeks unless there’s some specific need genuinely best met by that, for example a contest 12 weeks away. As you noted, for any particular percent of time “off” that you plan, for example half the time, the longer “on” you are, the longer “off” as well. In your example, that was 12 weeks off. Comparing with 2 on / 2 off for example, yes, in some earlier weeks you’d be a little further ahead on the 12-week-straight cycle, but later on it would be the other way around.

And still more importantly, recovery problems basically don’t exist (have not heard of one yet) with 2 week cycles, are very unusual with 8 weeks, but the incidence of problems increases as one gets past 8 weeks. At the 12 week point, it’s not all that unusual for recovery of natural T production to be slow especially if Clomid is not used.

Bill, I ran the numbers and here’s what I came up with based on a body weight of 185 lbs and an estimated 18% bf:

Total calories: 4053
Protein: 405g
Carbs: 456g
Fat: 68g

I am going into a 12-week bulking program by Ian King which has an off week during week seven which makes the entire program 13 weeks long. If it were you, how would you cycle the Mag-10 and should I decrease my calories during the week off in the middle? Thanks for your help.